Vesteria Subclass Tierlist based on which ones will survive COVID-19

ok so I decided that because im bored (not because of quarantine but because of Vesteria closing) I will make a tierlist based off of the subclasses, so this really depends on a few things

  • Max HP - tankier subclasses will probably survive becaue they have a lot of spare health so that if they contract the virus they wont have to worry that much.
  • Range - longer range fighters will social distance more often so they don’t contract the virus.
  • Facial Protection - Masks will be super helpful in attempts to survive the virus.
  • Support Potential - Support classes will be able to cure the virus more often, and will be higher tier.

S tier:

  • Rangers - they may have super low HP, but they have super long range (halfway across the dunes) and usally wear moglo(ko) masks.
  • Clerics - They are pretty much sorcerers but with a few key differences: they are support instead of DPS, and they are closer range.

A tier:

  • Sorcerers - they are pretty long range and have average HP, their weakness is that they never wear facial protection
  • Paladins - a support version of the knight with further range and lower health, only kept out of S tier by the fact that they wear sea shell hats as helmets which don’t cover their face.
  • Knights - They have super high HP and are close range, they also wear helmets that cover the entire face.

B tier:

  • Warlocks - a closer range version of sorcerers. can trade HP for MP and drain opponent’s HP.

C tier:

  • Berserkers - a more DPS focused knight, may have the same facial protection, but they have lower HP
  • Tricksters - an INT based hybrid of assassin and ranger, usally wears snail helmets.

D tier:

  • Assassins - close ranged, low HP, no support. low tier because they don’t practice social distancing.
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what are you talking about assassins hate to talk and are basically anti social (look at nightingale) so they practice social distancing all day and would therefore protecc themselves from covid

Clerics are basically magic doctors. S tier imo

spams heal

as always, ranger comes on top.

Ya cleric should be S

laughs in ranger

aRe YoU iNsUltIng mY wiSdOm, also, sNaiL HeLm nOt sO gOoD fOr mY Trickster,
he will be pretty good with dat disengage

then you have the fire king where hes always alone

[REDACTED] Whoops too soon.

Firstly, Clerics are the literal gods of anti-disease, COVID-19 got nothin’ on 'em. Seriously, with proper timing, they can even Resurrect themself (I never pulled this off successfully but I am getting close to perfecting it).

Same deal as Clerics, their healing abilities counteract the disease.

I think you mean trade HP for MP, then drain opponent’s HP. Literally it’s an infinite loop. Dark Ritual, Pillage Vitality, and you’re basically a god. If you want Simulacrum, just make sure that Pillage restores at least enough MP to counter the loss caused by Ritual.

Disengage. Get too close, you’re fricked, big time. Auto-hit, with a good upgrade Ballista ya might die immediately, plus it jumps them back and out of reach.

guys should Alchemist be added to this list?

  • Alchemist is not added
  • Alchemist is added

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Oh god, so much for my assassin main.


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