Vesteria Still Isn't Open

I think it’ll be a week or two more before we get vesteria back.


yeah but knowing berzza it will probebly be more than that
lets hope thats not the case

I just want it to be open, with or without the update

yeah but the game will prob get a mega - big update when it comes back

i dont think so

Bruh I need this game back fr

honestly, as how dissapointing as it sounds, the update is already complete.

If you logged on to “Fight for life” 1 or 2 days before it shut down, there was already a complete gui, with a bunch of quality of life changes, new shop updates, and most importantly, the removal of subclasses.

What I think about this 2-4 week delay is either for these reasons:
1st) The mods/devteam wants a break (totally unjustified as they legit didnt even do bugfixes on the game)
2nd) Polymorphic is working on making the new ranger changes (Probably the most justified choice0
3rd) Berezza just felt like shutting down the game (odd choice, but totally checks out)
4th) They wanted to add more to the update and couldnt make it before the deadline (Questionable choice since they don’t deliver in the time periods they say)

Thats what I honestly think about vesteria shutting down, they have their gui’s all ready to go, so we will get something new in this next coming week or so (or maybe today). I guess right now its just a waiting game.

We can’t confirm that this is true. The new GUI and some quality of life changes, sure, but that’s not the entire update. Phase 3 is seemingly the next upcoming update given how subclass abilities have now been integrated properly into the ability inventory, but your statement that subclasses have been “removed” is blatantly incorrect. Fight for Life still had subclasses, that’s why you only got the abilities from one subclass.

Phase 3 involves the removal of subclasses in terms of solid distinction, the addition of subclass quests and subclass mastery sets, as well as bringing the orb to the paid version. These things could take quite a while, and assuming it’s only berezaa working on it while Poly works on the bow overhaul, meanwhile they’re both looking at new developers to help work on Vesteria and then when they do find them, have to sort of guide them through how to contribute, it’ll probably be quite a while.

In addition, it’s possible (though unconfirmed) that Phase 2 may be also introduced in this update, which you may remember as the phase in which all perks from weapons can become passive perks you learn in the ability book if used enough. Of course, we didn’t see this in Fight for Life, so if that’s also being worked on then there’s another thing on the table.

Then, of course, they have to work on balancing, testing, debugging, etc. all of these things, which adds even more time to the closure.

Overall, I would say to expect another 2 weeks to 6 weeks before Vesteria comes back, possibly more. We just need to be patient and wait.

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I’m playin Vesteria right now, I’ve been playing it for 2 hours

near the end of fight for life, subclasses were gone and anyone had priveledges of using any ability, take for example, my friend was given a mage subclass, cant remember very easily. He opens his inven, goes to a new button with a book icon, and opens up a bunch of mage abilites that can very easily be recognizable as abilities from different classes. Im very certain that subclasses are gone for sure, I dont have any screenshot to prove my evidence, but i can clarify myself that subclasses are gone forever after this update, and the orb will return with its magical powers

In that case, I must have missed that. My apologies, I stopped playing Fight for Life after day one. The point still stands though that the update isn’t close to being done just because subclass skills are now universal. They still need to add the subclass quests, the subclass mastery sets, and all the other stuff I mentioned in my previous post.

Fight for life changed, no one noticed it, 1 or 2 days before it was shut down, it had the new guis implemented with the new abilites.

Honestly, understandable why no one plays it, everyone just spawncamps and its very demotivating to play that game

Also about the first comment, since when does bug fixes unjustify the right to take a break lol. Have you ever watched one of David’s or Ber’s streams? Its a lot to do for something as simple as making mana missile not be super op, like 40 minutes and some prior to the stream, so imagine creating entire landscapes, dozens of new abilities with different effects/abilities. It takes time and sometimes it gets tiring, and yo continue to even have the will to finish you need breaks. And bug fixes will probably come along/follow up with this update.

First, im not complaining in my comment, that would just be overagression, maybe even a protest at that point. Im not firing shots, im saying what I think is in my scope and what I think is the reason why vesteria is down.

Second, yes, bugfixes do take a long time, finding a alternative in anything is long and tiring, no one can really come up with a fix spot on. If that was the case, then we would either be having remarkable people working at the vesteria team or bugs on lua were just easy to fix, stuff isnt easy.

The point I didnt make clear was not about how bugfixes are being made, im talking about the time its taking for bugfixes to get pulled out, sure, they dont roll out bugfixes almost instantly, since they do patch based updates. But some things, we ask, they dont deliver the bugfix in days, weeks, months. For a full time company that had people drop their current jobs to work on is not a very good vision to put it in. For instance, you can talk about how barrage has been broken for a long time and still, we have little to no responce about these being fixed or even being looked into, not in a public fourm.

Besides, the point im trying to make is that, we need word from developers that stuff is being worked on, new content or not, or else we are stuck on a cliffhanger and start commotion and drama. They are a company so they may have a different take on things, but this can relate back to why the developers (or some of them) just dont listen to their community, and that we cant really do anything about.

This could’ve been vocalize before you said

This kinda just makes you sound like an extreme gaping (hue)hole. Considering 90% of the reason the game has survived is because of new content I’d prioritize that, not to mention they do big fixes on large scale bugs and update the game regularly

we dont have proof that all the bugs are going to be fixed right? I mean, the dev team cant show us everything

what when why

You can still “play Vesteria”, but when you join it doesn’t let you choose a slot and displays a message along the lines of “Vesteria is currently closed” at the bottom of the screen. Basically, you can’t actually play the game.

It’s so much fun