Vesteria Starting Area

Yeah sure, fantasy forest, slashy sword cool stuff. All that and all, but what if we got to different starting zonbes, but generally the same except for enemies drops, and weapons however, all the key areas are still there, but yes, there’s that idea, probably going to be too complex, and am sorry again.

if you start anywhere but the starting zone you’re not gonna have a fun time

probably should’ve been clear, and not said choose where we started since that was too vague, but maybe different starting location other than the uh shroom forest

I think that this would be an AWESOME IDEA. For instance, the hunters could start in a hunter’s camp. A mage could start in a fortress, and warriors could start off in a castle.

But, this effect should only be applied to those who are level 10 or above. Also, there is the mechanic where when you leave the game, the area where you are currently positioned in is your prime spawn point. But adding that mechanic would be awesome!