Vesteria Soundtrack Poll

Poll: What are your Top 5 favorite tracks from the Vesteria OST?
I grouped together options that have the same music so my poll would have 20 options. If two or more locations that I’ve grouped together do not actually have the same music then please reply and let me know.

  • Mushtown & Lost Corridor
  • Mushroom Forest
  • Shroompocalypse
  • Mushroom Grotto
  • The Clearing & Great Crossroads
  • Nilgarf
  • Nilgarf Sewers
  • Redwood Pass
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Seaside Path OR Scallop Shores
  • Spider Abyss
  • Shiprock Bottom
  • The Colosseum
  • Warrior Stronghold
  • Tree of Life
  • Port Fidelio
  • The Wayfarer
  • Forsaken Isle
  • The Gauntlet
  • Whispering Dunes

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Right now here are the current standings as of 9:00 PM PST 2/16/2020:

1. The Gauntlet (14)
2. Whispering Dunes, Warrior Stronghold (13)
3. Shroompocalypse (11)
4. Tree of Life (10)
5. Port Fidelio, Spider Abyss (8)

  1. Forsaken Isle, Shiprock Bottom (6)
  2. Redwood Pass (5)
  3. Seaside Path, Scallop Shores, Enchanted Forest, Nilgarf (4)
  4. Mushtown/Lost Corridor, Clearing/Great Crossroads, The Wayfarer (3)
  5. The Colosseum, Mushroom Forest (2)
  6. Mushroom Grotto (1)

Note: If I grouped it with “OR” it’s just because I need to save space even though I know their music is different.

frick u no farmlands oost you nasty bETa famer gamer

Also shiprock bottom, crabby den, lost all their underwater muffling effect/aestetic and so did all the other beach maps by port

mega gey moment

sent from my phome

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Farmlands doesn’t exist, it’s Great Crossroads now.
Also I’m not a Beta, I’m actually a last-minute Alpha. Joined 2 days before beta.

gauntlet raid is a good soundtrack, I don’t like the hunter occupied gauntlet soundtrack

Yeah I meant bandit gauntlet

am I the only who mutes the game and listens to other music? Holy dang

bUmPs aRe LeGeNd and yes, Bslick makes good music for all of roblox so you :clown_face: for not listening


Now that I think about it , does vesteria even have a main theme?