Vesteria SMP Server

Made by Hydra

Vesteria SMP

A Vesterian Minecraft server community ran.


iNitronix (Pending)


The server is hosted through Aternos, a free hosting software. This is temporary until I can set up a donation system so players can donate cash to keep the server running on a better more reliable hosting software.

The server is vanilla until further notice, snapshot will be played with (im looking at you iron). And minigames might be in consideration. Modded is also in mind.

If you have any further questions, feel free to dm me on discord: Dantex#3912


Ingame Rules:

  • No cheating
  • No NSFW
  • Toxicity is allowed to an extent, do not take it over the line

Discord Rules:

  • Do not abuse image perms
  • No NSFW
  • Do not spam

Breaking any rules will result in a ban in both servers.


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