Vesteria Shop For Tryhards¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I might run out of stock. Trying to update everyday!


Nothing ATM


Ratty Vest: 300s (4) (1 clean the rest are dirty)
Ratty Bucket: 50s (4)
Pirate Hat: 500s (2) (1 of them is green dyed)
Full Glad Armor Set(Yellow Dyed): 3g
Ravenger Boots: 800s (1)


Stack of Mighty Subs : 15s
Stack of Mana Bottles: 20s


Ratty Heads 3s (2 stacks)

Dyes (Prob Might Not Sell)

Blue Dye: 250s
Cyan Dye: 400s
Green Dye: 350s
Red Dye: 400s


Cursed ATK Scroll: 200s (4)
Ancient Scroll: 200s (1)

What Im LF

Cursed Scrolls DEF

You mean bloodmage?

Yea Blood Mage ill fix

Glad chestplate amour ?

yea the whole set

2G And Moko Mask for blood mage set or na

Discord Grave#4428

na? what does that mean

i mean want to or no

i think ill pass and wait until mask drops


thx for understanding btw got any hunter stuff for trade and what kind of moko mask are u giving just asking

i can remmber its in my bank this stregth

noice ill think about it

Yea its Stregth

i kinda need hunter stuff too


idk skull mask ravenger vest

ic only thing else i have is a Icicle lol

oof its fine lemmethink about that offer!