Vesteria Records: Speedrunning for prizes!

Server Name: Vesteria Records

Server Description: Speedrunning in Vesteria!

Invite Link:

Moderators/Staff: BrodyEnderman, Sietto and _PatrickLX

Vesteria Records is something I made that shows people the magic of speedrunning and how fun it could be. Lets go over what we do:

  • Speedrun dungeons with parties for prizes in tourney events!
  • Speedrun to level 30 on FW for prizes!
  • Try your best to climb up the global dungeon leaderboards!
  • Help others in the community to speedrun!
  • Talk to others about Vesteria!

We will absolutely love people to come join us! In fact, I will be hosting the second tourney soon! So if you want to win rare items and have fun, this is your place!