Vesteria Records; A new way to speedrun (INVITE WORKS)

Have you ever wanted to compare your speed runs with others? Or do speed run tourneys that give good prizes for them?
Introducing… Vesteria Records.

Vesteria Records is something me and some others made up that allow you to do speedruns for prizes, or compare your speedrun to others on the leaderboard.

We will mainly focus on dungeons (aka SQR), as other speedrun types could be difficult. (race to level 30 would need people to have an extra slot on FW)

If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, we would be more than welcomed for you to join using this Discord invite link:

Since Berezza recently announced that the Vesteria Server shutdown most of it’s chatrooms, I encourage many of you to join this server not only for prizes and speedrunning, but for trading and talking to the community.

We will be starting the second tourney soon!

invite expired

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If davidii approves, I approve.

New link:

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I like racing to join a faction with @Bean602 won twice.