Vesteria playtest week 15

What happened last 2:00am Sunday(in my country) lol

How Can We Tell You When We Don’t Know Your Country/Timezone?

He’s just wondering what happened during the playtest, which started 2AM in his timezone so he couldn’t partake.

But We Don’t Know What 2AM For Him Was For Us

That’s not what he’s asking! He’s asking what happened during the entire playtest, what new features there were etc.

They Specifically Asked What Happened At 2AM On Sunday. Just Read The Question Again…

When he reads this you’ll know.

Well You Can’t Really Argue With What They Wrote. They Specifically Put 2:00AM. So Why Would You Answer What Happened With The Entire Day?

I’m like, 900% sure they mean what happened and that they couldn’t play the playtest since it was 2am for them

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Well I’m Taking As What They Said.

maybe you shouldn’t?


where is this joke going?

My country is in GMT+7:00 lol
so when the playtest happen in 12:00 GMT+3:00 it’s 2:00am in Sunday for me

Here’s a full list of changes in week 15, written by the developers!

tks :smiley: