Vesteria Pet Poll

Hey, this is a little random but since I’m curious,

What pet would you prefer the most? Which would you be more honored to have?

  • Spiderling Pet
  • Chicken Pet
  • Baby shroom Pet
  • Baby Yeti Pet

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And an extra poll because I feel this post is lacking:

Do you have a Pet?

  • Yes
  • No

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If so, what pet is it? (It is possible to own more than one pet.)

  • Chicken Pet
  • Spiderling Pet
  • Baby Yeti Pet
  • Baby Shroom Pet
  • No pet

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Chicken pet is a Alpha Gift Pet, only ownable by Alphas (Soulbound)
Spiderling pet is an addition to the Vesterian Toy that can be bought for $20 w/ a code
Baby Shroom pet is gained by referrals (You can not get it now.)
Baby Yeti Pet is dropped by the Yeti w/ a 0.0058% chance. (Getting all 7 ancient scrolls in a row without failures is a 0.001% chance)

where’s candle chicken pet? :angry:

its too cool to be there, i think too many would vote candle since it is unobtainable except by developers

Quick note on the Baby yeti drop chance, The yeti boss itself drops 50 total items the 0.0058% chance listed only actually applies to a singular drop from the yeti meaning that its actually ~0.29% per yeti (if ur getting all of the drops) to get one rather than the extreme chance listed.

candle chicken pet was given away during kensais valentines day stream theres 2 in circulation

Yes, can be obtained by those means.

revin has one :flushed:

make that 3 then how did they manage to get one

bandit killing reward for getting 1st twice

I need a pet

How do i get the baby yeti pet theres sicko modeing rangers!!!

Ikr. Rangers make life hard.

baby shroom pet for gamers only

Technically speaking, the Baby Shroom Pet (as well as the Candle Chicken Pet) are the only ones which cannot be obtained in-game currently without being given them by a developer.

Alpha Gifts can still be claimed from Monsieur Fred if you played back then and never claimed your gift for the Chicken Pet
Spiderling Pets can still be obtained from the toyset.
Baby Yeti Pet has a chance of dropping (albeit an extremely small chance).

baby shroom pet was either for very lucky gamers or people who abused the referral system (not epic gamer)

am lucky gamer

yes good ebic gamer

And of course Meta has every obtainable pet.