Vesteria Patch Cadence -- When can you expect updates?

After releasing our game last week, we took this week to listen closely to your feedback and repair issues as they arose. We’re committed to expanding our content to give all players something to do, and we’re going to start by cementing a biweekly content expansion update.

What does this mean?

We believe that in order to deliver awesome content that meets both our quality standard and also keeps the game enjoyable for everyone, we’re going to have to schedule regular updates. We’re going to test out different times, and we’ll let you know if we change the time periods, but for now we will be releasing new content updates every two weeks. We’re starting this timer from since we’ve released, which would set next update (Patch alpha-1.1.0) to be November 17th 2018 (this upcoming Saturday!). The update after that (Patch alpha-1.2.0) occurring on December 1st 2018, and so on.

What can I expect from these updates?

We’re dedicated to adding content expansions on these dates. Be it anything from new Quests, new monsters, new mechanics, new abilities, dungeons, and mini-bosses – you get the point.

Will we be notified in advance what is being updated?

Yes, I plan on releasing a summary of the updates in every patch in advance of the patch. These won’t be exhaustive lists, but enough to let you know all the awesome things we’re adding on that patch. I’ll do this as well if we do patches in-between regularly scheduled updates. They’ll be posted in #public-announcements:patch-notes.

Does this mean you won’t update between patches?

No, we’ll still be updating to fix bugs as frequently as they are discovered. We may also still add new content between patches, these dates are just assured days where we will add new content.


We’ll also be releasing an update sometime soon, hopefully tomorrow, that addresses Zap being broken and STR contributing unfairly to all damage mitigation. It will only help mitigate physical damage now.


the future sure sounds promising!

can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week ; )

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Ah ha, balancing at its finest.

Mages are still inferior in my book


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Can’t wait for the next update.


Will INT also increase magic damage resistance?


Warriors and hunters think they better but they not :sunglasses:

Are you sure about that, good sir?

Hunters, warriors and mages are better than the hunters, warriors and mages.


Yes, it will.


Will DEX boost attack speed and doge rate?

Eventually. I’m going to experiment with attack speed being increased by DEX on bows for the Hunter class, and depending on how that goes we might expand it.


Omg, so excited! :smiley:

Has the Nov 17 patch been released yet?

Well It’s November 18th. So Very Likely.

Nope, still not out. No word from the devs yet.

We will likely release the update today.


R.I.P. I was hoping this part wouldn’t be included. XD

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Aww, man. I was hoping you wouldn’t put that word.