Vesteria Mobile Improvements

I have a few ideas on how to improve mobile

Before this I’ve only posted like 5 times, but I want to help the community more by giving mobile reports. Here are some current improvements I would like to see in mobile:

1) Revamped menu layout
Okay, lots of issues fit into this category. I will explain each in detail and at the end, provide 2 pictures: one of the current layout, and a second showing the new locations.

Currently in Vesteria, the buttons on the screen are minuscule (small). This can affect the user in a negative way. For example, I was battling some scarecrows, and I tried to tap my Thundercall, but it was too small and I tapped my collect button. I ended up dying and found out that you now lose XP along with your money. Maybe make them a little bigger?

And the XP bar - it’s off center. This doesn’t affect the game much but it’s a little irritating that a well crafted game let this error slip by. Not only that, it’s very hard to tap it, which pains me when I try to check my current stats.

And the settings? Besides the volume, the key binds are useless unless you have a clip on keyboard. I have a few ideas for a revamped settings:
1 - volume and sfx changers
2 - key binds (if a keyboard is attached)
3 - interface changer (you can change how big the UIs are)

Finally in this massive section… oh wait - that’s it. Silly me.

Menu pics

2) Save slot revamps

This could work on multiple devices, but the way I’m suggesting it is exclusive to mobile. Lots of people have asked for ways to reset their data in a save slot. Here’s my idea for a save slot revamp: if you hold on a save slot, you can move it around. Here’s an example: you hold onto save slot 2 and move it to where save slot 1 is. The old save slot 2 is the new 1, and vice versa. Or, you move 3 to 1, which means 1 is 2, and 2 is 3. Ok that was probably really confusing, but whatever.

For my other idea on this, maybe you could swipe on a save slot to the right, and a reset button would appear, therefore letting you wipe your data on that slot. Of course, there would be conformation messages that pop up.

For the computer, we would need very different features for this.

3) Remove the seats of DEATH!!!

Okay, this is definitely a bug. When you sit on a chair in mobile, you canNOT get up! This is super annoying, because you’d have to leave or reset your character, which you do NOT want to do!!! I unfortunately, can’t show this bug because videos aren’t allowed on here. Try it yourself! Go on an iPad, sit in a chair, and be stuck there for all eternity!!!

Got all that? Tell me what you think!

~Spider, the maybe official mobile reporter

Devs look through feedback, but that doesn’t mean they directly respond to it. For now, I would recommend trying to play on PC rather than mobile for the best experience.

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Yeah, okay. I’m still new here, but I’m on another forum like this that responds fast. I guess I still have to learn the ropes…

I can groundslam out. Might work with other movement spells

Yeah I blink out of it