Vesteria Meme Megathread

no aviator gang!!

berezaa: adds fishing back

alpha players who fished in the sewers:

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Wait, that’s illegal.

Yeah I don’t rlly feel like spending almost nine hrs in the Wurm Pit trying to get Beetles for Aviators. TBH they’re not worthwhile.

lol who grinds beetles at wurm pit

Stay safe gamers


Dont forget those weirdo at Early beta

is this a coronavirus meme?
insert man having his hand below a butterfly meme right here

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Kind of.

oh k.

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When the only people online are 3 leaders and two regulars

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how come I’m never in these types of photos >:C

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 6.43.26 PM

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I mean he started on it

read the chat (e :b:i c vibe)

stop swearing racist slurs >:C

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You stole the photo. Even though I told you not to

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You don’t own the photo. How can I steal it? Also, you got so mad you flagged me? Funny.