Vesteria Map Contest!

You are probably wondering what this is all about. Well, I believe the developers should add a contest that allows players to create their own unique maps for Vesteria while using the same tools as the developers that made the World Of Vesteria.

Note: I got this idea from the game Hexaria, they have done a Map Competition.


I find this would be a great way for the developers and the community of Vesteria to interact with each other while also competing in a friendly competition, to make cool maps for fun and to, hopefully, get their maps added to the game. This would also allow players to create unique builds and designs like ones seen in Vesteria and also gather inspiration and learning from the game itself.

How would Players be able to create their maps?

It depends what the developers of Vesteria use to create their maps. In Hexaria, they have their own plugin which they released to the community so that they could create worlds like theirs. IF, the developers have their own plugins that they used to help them create their maps while also using Roblox’s terraform, the developers could release this plugin so that the community could create and share their maps while also keeping it like Vesteria’s “style”.

Also, I think it would be greatly appreciated if the people who made the map also added descriptions of its inhabitants and enemies along with submitting their map. They are only creating the map and if their map does get added, the developers need some sort of idea on the story behind the map would be. It would be nice if the creator of the map added information on the enemies they would like added (appearance, damage, etc…) to their map and perhaps some lore. Of course, it is the developers that get to decide what happens, the creators are just suggesting ideas.

The developers are probably too busy to host such a thing, who would have time to judge all the maps?

My answer is… the moderators. The developers are most likely busy coding, creating their own maps etc… So I believe the moderators could take the time to try and judge each of the maps created by the players. I don’t think their will be TOO MANY big, crazy, insanely detailed maps, seeing how there is a decent amount of moderators, I believe only 1 is needed to judge a map all by themselves. After they can pick a couple of great maps to show and suggest to the developers (sort like the finals) then they will decide which map gets added to the game. It would also be nice if the developers can pick their top 3 maps and have some sort of poll for the community to pick on which Map they would prefer to be added to the game. (The Poll can be hosted here on the forums or on the Vesteria Discord.)

Where can the maps be found and published?

Well, I suggest there be a topic specifically for players to post their Vesteria Map creation for them to be judged publically by players and moderators (Kind of like the Vesteria Monster Brainstorm topic). The maps can be made in Roblox Studio and published on Roblox so that way, a simple link to the map can be provided so it’s easily accessible.


Q: Is it a solo competition?

A: It depends, if this is to happen, it is the developers who gets to decide. I personally believe you should be allowed to do it solo or with a group. Solo if you don’t want to do it with anyone and you’re best doing it by yourself, groups because everyone’s has their own idea and they could find a way to assemble their ideas together to create 1 unique map that is loved by each of the members that helped create it. Everyone’s got their own idea and sharing it upon each other is a great way to communicate and come up with extraordinary maps.

Q: Wouldn’t this mean the community is basically creating the game for them?

A: No, I suggest these contests happen once in a while. The developers are making everything else, this is just a fun friendly competition.

Q: Do they get credit if they win?

A: They should 100% get credit because they built the map! A way to give them credit is to have an NPC in their map named after them, it could be their real name or Roblox username (Honestly using your Roblox Username wouldn’t work too well in my opinion).

Q: What happens if they win?

A: Well this is entirely the developer’s choice on what happens if they win. I suggest they get credit in a form of some NPC and perhaps a lot of Ethyr (not sure how much). I also believe people who participated should at least get Ethyr. If it is some low effort map then most likely no. It would terrible if someone made a great map but sadly didn’t win and got no reward for participating or for making top 3.

Once you’re done reading everything, here’s a poll.

  • I love this idea, definitely should be a thing.
  • I like the idea, could have some changes/restrictions.
  • I like the idea, could have some MAJOR changes/restrictions.
  • Terrible Idea.

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If you picked anything under the first option, feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I am open to all suggestions!

Thank you for reading.

This has actually been suggested before and resolutely denied by Bere, they want to have an elite team of devs with the very specific Vesteria art style, instead of crowd-sourcing like miners haven. That way it can be made to fit what the devs want, not the what the devs want made around the map.

Really? Dang, I tried to see if anyone else has suggested this but couldn’t find it. Rip.

I don’t see any point in this anymore, someone can close it, thank you :slight_smile:

It was in a stream QnA, so no forum post.

I was gonna say maybe but with some major changes but if bere denied it–then just no

Alright @Meta close this please?