Vesteria Lore - What We Know So Far

So recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Vesteria lore, and around the characters “Vesra” and “Terul”. For those who are new to the Vesteria community, this could be confusing. This post is here to document what we know so far about the Vesteria lore in relation to Vesra and Terul, and things of that nature.

These are the important ideas of Vesra, Terul and Mana, and sums up the majority of the lore pretty well. There are some nuances to get into though, so moving right along:

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This is an important point. Neither Vesra or Terul have physical forms, so therefore they are neither male, nor female. They do take on “forms” of some sort, but these aren’t exactly human, or even physical forms. This is explained by berezaa later on:


This can be kind of confusing to understand, so to best explain it, you have to approach it from a weird angle. Think of the idea of darkness. Lot of people describe it as being black, but that’s just how we perceive darkness. “Darkness” doesn’t have a form, but we associate it with black because it’s the closest thing we have to it. That’s sort of similar to how Vesra and Terul “manifest” and how they’re represented, at least from my understanding.

So from what you’ve seen so far, it might seem like Vesra is “good” and Terul is “bad”, but that is a common misconception that a lot of people fall into. This is explained here a little bit:


So now, on the subject of Mo Ko Tu Aa and it’s relationship to the lore:

Basically, even though the Moglos call Mo Ko Tu Aa a god, it’s not actually a major god, one that created Vesteria. It’s a creation of Vesra and Terul.

Moving right along to our final point: Subclasses and Lore. Here’s the Google Docs link that basically has all of that information:

So yeah, there’s a lot going on right now in terms of the lore. Hopefully this helps you understand what’s going on a bit more. There’s one other small thing, an event berezaa did in game. I documented all of that here:

Either way, hopefully this post helped you understand Vesteria’s Lore as we know it so far a little bit better.


Still trying to think, just how does Ranger fit in with Paladin and Cleric following Vesra?

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Oh yea, time for some big brain time.

nobody talk about Peregrine family backstory?
I remember he mentioned his family when you ask about what is ranger

Bows are weapons of Vesra, I suppose. It isn’t explicitly stated so, so it is sort of figurative.

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The argument was that a stationary bow-user (is one using rangers stance) is calm and patient, like Vesra.

To be fair, an Assassin and a Trickster can also be calm and patient.

I thought Berezaa said that Versa and Terul were energies, instead of deities.

to be fair, assassins are implied hired hitmen and tricksters are deceiving
that isnt very vesra of them

“That isn’t very Vesra of you” whenever someone kills you in Colosseum.


Hey thirsty e-boys read this post before you start drawing

I the manifests of Versa and Terul would come in the form of empowering its followers. After looking at the document, Mages are a perfect reflection to your theory, In terms of warriors, it also makes a lot of sense. I am unable to see why Rangers are connected to versa however.

We all know the true Vesteria god is Fred

I guess Assassin already had darkness, which makes sense, but it would make absolutely no sense to give light to a Magical Clown(Trickster), and made sense for Trickster to be neutral, so I guess they had to choose Ranger to be light. I still see no connection to Ranger and Vesra though too.

@geo_cant_draw terul trap?
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an interesting change of events

Dear Lord terul is right

Tricksters are feeling more light with their prism traps thou