Vesteria Life: Batties

Vesteria Life: Batties
Narrated by Dave Attenboar

Deep beneath the city of Nilgarf, a hidden complex of sewers can be found. Originally thought to be uninhabitable, a recently discovered new creature called the Batty can be found hidden in the depths of the sewers. Today we will explore the depths of the sewers and observe the secret life of the Batty.

What the heck even is a Batty?
A Batty is a flying creature only found within the sewers. Highly aggressive and dangerous, you do not want to meet one of these. Skeletons of dead Batties can be found throughout the sewers.

A Warrior under attack by a group of Batties. He was never seen again.

What are the Sewers?
The sewers are a bunch of tunnels and corridors underneath the city of Nilgarf. While it is a fantastic place in Vesteria to explore, it is also very easy to get lost down here and eaten.

There are many entrances to the Sewers. One of them can be found in the farmlands.

Daily Batty Life

Batties are highly aggressive, often attacking innocent Vesterians and the sewers other occupants, the Ratty. Batties also love eating Bananas for some unknown reason.

Batty Drops

If you actually do manage to kill a Batty they have a chance to drop the following items:

  1. Batty Wing


  1. Dexterity Potion


  1. Ancient Scroll of DEX


  1. Bananas


An Ancient Rivalry

Bats and Rats have been at war for as long as they have existed. Bats can oftentimes be seen attacking a rat in the sewers. The only chance a rat has at defeating a bat is teaming upon it.

These two enemies are locked in a battle so fierce that they don’t even notice the crew.

This has been Vesteria Life: Batties

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