Vesteria Leaks Hub

Vesteria Leaks Hub

Sk3's Call, April 13th

Sk3 leaking some stuff

Tribute wars:

2 teams with equal players required to play
Killing enemy team baby yetis will drop misc items similar to Marks of Valor
Standing the Middle of the Map will gain points for your team which will decide whether you win or lose.
After everything a boss will spawn (???)

It was hard to hear most of what happened.

Guild wars:

2 Guilds must have either T4 or T5 to activate a guild war.
Guild Wars will have private maps with a pokemon arena type theme.


  • Christmas items for a christmas event.
  • Crab armor.
  • Possum Weapon drops, 2 Handed Axe and a Staff.
  • Tons of new armor, aukfitis armor set might be replaced with something else.
  • Pan wep coming to mushtown.
  • Black type rats

Pan, 2 handed blade, hog dagger:
Colosseum Weapons:
New NPC’s:
Auk’s Armor:
Christmas Weapons:
Possum Boss Weapon Drops:
Crab Armor:
Blue Spawning Point:

Davidii's Versailles Call, April 16th

Chad Helmet:


Pit Ratty:

NEW Colosseum Weapons:

Slayers Bow:
Ornate Dagger:
Slayers Dagger:

Newest Armor Set (good for travelling)

Wanderers Footwraps:
Wanderers Thawb:
Wanderers Shemagh:

This topic will be updated accordingly to any other vesteria leaks. Any random links will be posted in replies.


Ye aight its all fun and games till a ### trippin

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The possum battle axe looks sick

i want that two handed blade :eyes:

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wuts the possum?

cant wait for these to come to vesteria.

A rat boss which will be over a poison pit which the poison deals 100 damage per second. The boss will spawn in an area leading off from the rat swarm area in the lower level of the sewers.

holy geez those are lot of leaks. David leaked that we’ll be able to ride horses tho, posting it if anyone didn’t see it



oohhhhh im so exited for that.

will this have any special abilities that u know about? pls tell me if yes. also, how much dmg? thx. also, what class is Auktufiti’s armor? and what buffs does it give? it looks like warrior, but it really should be hunter. if u know the answers to any of these questions, pls tell meeeeee. thx
o and how long till this is released?
thx again


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Newest leak:

Also should I just make this a topic for whenever sk3 leaks stuff? hmmm

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stand reading my soul: YES YES YES YES

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what u leaking? there already catapults. also is 999g the max amount of money at one time?

the minigame that sk3 was working on

o ok noice. what is the minigame?

Yes let’s make this post a place where we share the newest leaks.

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