Vesteria is the best game ever (fixed)

my save slot is ruined, used rune, still stuck
you cant jump
you can recreate by going here
perm stuck unless helped with duel and killed

Did you try leaving the game?

when i leave and then join back, i spawn back where i left, so i am still stuck

Alright I will come to mushtown to duel you which I hope can get you unstuck.

Get somebody to sell you a rune

You obviously didn’t use a rune cause you would be in a different map unless this is some new bug or glitch

Couldn’t you just reset? I don’t think it’s disabled in Vesteria.

cant reset

i used a mushtown rune because i didnt go to nilgarf yet so i hoped it would tp me to spawn

Ttry to get a Nilgarf rune. Or get somebody to kill you

no one wants to help

I’m joining right now. Just give me a second.

Fixed no need for help


you cant reset

do you know what’s causing you to not be able to reset?
I use reset like once every 30 minutes for the entire time I’ve played this game. its extremely useful for not having to navigate back out of hard to get out of places.
Press Esc, then click the reset button that shows up in the menu.
Is that available for you?

You can reset, what?