Vesteria is fun, but I think I know what will make it better

Okay. So this is what I have in mind: Dual-wielding.

What do I mean exactly? Well… The act of using two weapons, with a sub weapon saved in case you get into a situation. Now this can also balance out as the multiple classes. For example:

Warriors: Dual Wielding swords makes them be able to chain combos together with less ending lag on attacks.

Hunters: Dual Wielding Daggers lets them stun-lock enemies in exchange for damage output being kind of less.

Mages: Two staves, Double the MP cost, Double the MP (Magic Power. Not Magic POINTS.)

That’s all I really have to say. With that said, let me know if you have your own ideas, or if this’ll unbalance the game. With that said, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:

P.S. This was before they added stuff like that. Do not say: Oh they’re gonna add it soon anyways. Just please. I was brainstorming for this game. XD

Hunters are high dps class so decreasing dmg would suck, and warriors use 2 handed weps (kinda hard to dual weild maces)

“half the MP cost , double the output” ,dats OP.
maybe double the mp cost > double output which could be used as a single use at the disired skill
or 2x/1.5x mp cost for x0.5 magic output.

One of hunters subclass will duel weild daggers Warriors will either use 2 handed weapon or a sheild. Mages will likely have a spell book or a magic orb on their off hand. “Staff duel weilding” makes zero sense.

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if it was like 2 bronze maces with like OP scrolls attached, that be op. and if that were the case warriors would be slower

Two maces for mages.

Seems Legit

I see where you’re going with that… But for the Hunters. I meant enemies can’t attack in exchange for lower DPS.

And for the Warriors, just spam click: It does a combo automatically.

Yeah now that I think about it… Goes to edit the forum. XD (To taizi)

I mean I see your point, but well I was just brainstorming.

Well sorry. I just came up with dual wielding as just kind of a joke.

Taken down for not having a descriptive title

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