Vesteria is Dying (Extended)

Vesteria is arguably the greatest MMORPG ever (in my opinion) and at it’s current rate it’s going to die.
The community is already dead because bereza closed the discord cutting off contact with the community because “proven to be an inferior platform” yet he resorts to ROBLOX game forums, not even mentioning he’s been inactive on forums too lately, probably due to people who don’t agree with him such as myself.
I used to love Vesteria, I grinded for 3-5 hours a day because I was addicted (in a good way) to the open graphics, and well game it was when I purchased it on day one of Beta release. But recently, the game is dying because bereza has abandoned the community and essentially “gone rogue” and here’s why.

  • Discord server closed to players (number one way of contact)
  • The return of stamina which nobody wanted (more details below)
  • Bereza: “I care about the game, not the players”
  • Bereza telling players to quit if they don’t agree with him
  • Bereza not listening to community at all
  • Glitches that make the game interesting being removed while game breaking glitches are still lying around, breaking the game
  • mokotuaa being too OP for stamina

More details on stamina
Before the recent stamina update players could run across the map without stopping making traveling from place to place easy. But with stamina, you are no longer the athletic person you once were, you now have a quickly draining green bean above your head that constantly reminds you have eaten too many doritos. Dungeon running has now become extremely harder because in sqr for example there are two parkour rooms, and without 70+ dex you constantly have to stop, let the green bean get hydrated, then continue along. Or, you can try to go straight through it and fall below to the spiders that have no stamina and beat the crap out of you while you’re wishing stamina didn’t exist. MoKoTuAa is now extremely painful, people wanted a nerf because when your stamina runs out and you can’t run away to heal the laser beam mowed you down with insane DPS. But it got buffed instead so instead of 45 dmg, it’s now 90, killing you in under 2 seconds if you have less than 1.4k health and for what!? More experience, not even that much more, like 5 minutes of mogloko killing can give more than the 10-12 minutes it now takes kill the recently buffed boss.

Long dedicated players are losing hope in this once great game because bereza decided to go rogue and do what any decent game developer shouldn’t… break off from the community! Vesteria will start to die soon because even new players, the first thing they see is an exasperated green bean slowing you down every 2 seconds. But I still think vesteria is able to be saved, but if so it must be done quickly and here is how.

  • Remove stamina
  • Open the discord again (its not insufficient, you just didn’t like being called a clown)
  • Listen to the community (“the ultimate community driven MMORPG”) ye not anymore
  • Be more innovative with content, make us become excited to play
  • Interact with playerbase more

**So um yeah, that’s my extended, detailed, elongated version of my previous rant! congrats if you even read this far Let me know what you think.


Just gonna respond on Discord, because I’m more so a fan of discord than forums.

Thinking about it logically though about how many millions of coins do you carry and what heavy armor, weapons and subway restaurants are you carrying, also think about how much we frequent eat and drink we must be obese with asthma by now, do we even know what’s in half of it.




True with the levels thing.

I also loved the Shadowmap. It looked so pretty!


I have been ignored :c

Don’t forget hits still not registering (making higher attack speeds more or less pointless) and continuing freezing and disconnects/lag at Forsake Isle.

  • wiki gets attacked

  • no one likes the updates

this is no happy time for the community


berezaa is replying to what


I haven’t even mentioned PvP because I haven’t PvP’d once. I can just imagine that’s a whole other can of worms.

You don’t need to make a second thread thats basically and identical copy/paste of the first. I’m closing this post and linking to my response in the original: