Vesteria Instagram page

Hello my guys, Mark here. The title should explain everything already and I’m planning to make a Vesteria Instagram page. I’ll post updates, polls and more there but I’ll ask about your opinions first.

Should I do it?

  • Yes
  • No

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What should I post the most?

  • Polls
  • Elimination games
  • Theories
  • Fan art

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You might not want to do that. Using the official Vesteria logo, name, etc. would be copyright infringement, since the name “Vesteria” is copyrighted. You could get in some trouble for doing so, especially if it’s not explicitly approved by the copyright owner (who I’d assume is berezaa).

A similar thing happened a while back where someone wanted to make an unofficial Vesteria shirt on Roblox with the word “Vesteria” and the Vesteria logo, and were even planning on putting all money earned from the shirt right back into the game through either buying it on other accounts or buying Ethyr, but David explained that they weren’t allowed to make the shirt either way and told them to stop.

If you were to be officially allowed to do so, then it would be fine, but otherwise I’d hold off on it just in case.


^ what he said.

It’s a good idea, but like AnswerRemoved said, I wouldn’t do it without permission. Vesteria does have all the rights to it.

You could make an Instagram for your Vesteria account, like Fantastish’s YouTube.

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Vesteria Fanpage instead?


Go ahead, I’d love to see one.


just make a fan twitter or smth who’s gonna go on insta to check out vesteria lmao

Is @Maturebrowl Your Actual Brother OR an Alt?

Insta would be a good to get people to join Vesteria

You should probably wait until people can actually…PLAY Vesteria.

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true lol

What if I make a fanpage? Would I get into any trouble then?

The game needs more people to know about it

Yep, but adds don’t fit Vesteria well. I appreciate there’s no pay to win and adds don’t really fit with that platform

That’s why insta is a good idea

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Is Maturebrowl an alt or your brother?
(ik says “mature twin brother,”)
(good to see another set of twins)

well it says “mature twin brother” on his bio, so, i guess thats that


Can I play animal crossing,

for five minutes?