Vesteria In Real Life Competition!

this is litterally me behind the screen reading your comment:

yes, I became a stickman

Stickman Still Got No Hair :>

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me reading that:
ima search the joke later


me realizing i misspelled shiny decidueye and talked about a random plant

Get ready to turn in those entries guys!

ohnononnonnononoononoonononoon, i forgot :face_vomiting: :scroll::bomb:

Am I the only one who did an entry???

starts analyzing room

Great! And yes, you’re the only one so far.

Guys, today’s the due date! Better turn them in!

I Cannot watch the video because im on school chromebook, i wonder why?
also @Spider Does it rain on the wayfarer cause i could do 1 later

I don’t think so.

Maybe jump off your roof or something.

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Alright I’ll jump off my roof in the rain and make sure i land in a puddle to stop my fall. (joke)
My roof is like 15-25 feet above the ground

Landing in a puddle could signify going to Shiprock.

ik, maybe ill just jump off porch…

Doesn’t have to be too complex.

ok, I wil probably do it

ay bub dont kill yourself we still need you

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Ahahahaha yes here we go


we do?

This is funny