Vesteria In Real Life Competition!

Welcome to the Vesteria In Real Life Competition (VIRL)!

Vesteria is currently down in the middle of quarantine. So, I’ve devised a little competition to give you something to do. Here’s how it works:

  • Every Monday, I will post a challenge here (Ex. Warriors doing parkour)
  • You will then recreate it in real life and record yourself doing it
  • Be as creative as you want
  • Entries are due Friday
  • Every Friday, we will vote on the winners for that week

Sometimes the challenge will be serious, like a PVP battle, or sometimes it will be funny, such as praying to Mo Ko Tu Aa. You can suggest and vote for each challenge, if you want.

This is designed to work for guilds, too. Guilds May hand out special prizes if one of their members wins. I understand that currently Vesteria is frozen in time, and that may be hard on guilds.


  • All the normal Vesteria rules apply and you cannot show any inappropriate content in your video
  • This is a friendly competition, don’t get into a heated discussion
  • You may not show your face in your video. Wear a mask or blur it out. This is for your safety :wink:

If your video is deemed inappropriate it will be deleted. No exceptions.

Current Challenge:
Recreate a ride on The Wayfarer

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Challenge One!

Recreate a ride on The Wayfarer!


  • If you want to add more passengers, green screen yourself in at multiple positions or ask family members
  • What happens is up to you!
  • Remember! Entries due Friday!

I Dont Have A Boat xD, I guess I can use a zoom green screen :rofl:

Lemme just Borrow @Lord_Kyrian’s Eviscerator…
Tbh I have no idead how I can do this

It doesn’t have to be complex.

If I was doing this I’d probably just film myself sitting in my backyard lol.

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Jumps off roof signalling that I fell into shiprock

My caveman phone can’t transfer videos to my computer otherwise I’d just be riding on my bed, even if it turns out pretty cringeworthy which I assume it will.

I Have A Nokia 3310 xD, U might wanna try using a memory card

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IS your “Caveman Phone” A Candy bar?

this is a great idea.

Sir, I’m afraid there is a mistake here. Warriors doing parkour? Now that’s just unrealistic.

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Normal people: Sit on the boat and wait.
Me: /e ohyea

hEY!! :joy:

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It has a pullout keyboard, though I may be getting an upgrade soon.

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I’ll just jump off my bunkbed to signal me falling into shiprock bottom

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Bumping this so you guys don’t forget :wink:

Everyone’s just completely demotivated to do anything Vesteria related now. >:/ I’m doing the episode 3 of my series and it’s completely vesteria related wdym everyone is demotivated? agressively overthinks

Just realised your pfp isn’t a shiny deciduos ._.

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