Vesteria game: Who can get 1 golden mushcoin 1st

The goal of this game is to see who on the forms is able to get the 1st golden mushcoin.
You are allowed to post screenshots of your progress.


not a scam i swear!!!11

seems legit 100% 8/8 m8

You spelled Vesteria wrong, therefore Vestaria isn’t a game we play. Thus, gold mushcoins in Vestaria is false therefore what you are asking is false. Debunked.

Myth. Busted.

I mean I’m close, but I’m too lazy

Ill get one someday, when I decide to fight more spiders, more spiders…more spiders…

The real question is what comes after gold mushcoins :thinking:

I know there currently isn’t anything after gold atm, but eventually there will be.