Vesteria Forums Survey

Here is a forum survey I created to see how the users on the forums are like and what they think of the forums.

Inspired by What User-Type are you?

What user type are you?

  • Active Member - Responds to a lot of posts and topics
  • Lurker - Lurks around the forums but never posts
  • Educator - A user who creates helpful guides and tutorials
  • Ghost - Inactive user who rarely uses the forums but comes back then leaves again
  • Necromancer - User who revives old topics
  • Meme Creator - Makes memes frequently

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How active are you?

  • 1 - Rarely ever uses the forums
  • 2 - Sometimes checks the forums
  • 3 - Occasionally uses the forums
  • 4 - Actively uses the forums
  • 5 - Uses the forums 24/7

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Do you think the forums is dead?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you like using the forums?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thank you for completing my survey and leave any comments about your opinions on these questions.


Most people enjoy the forums cool

Why did someone answer “Yes, the forums are dead” on a post ON THE FORUM THEY CALL DEAD?

It means its dead compared to when it was alive (aka less active members) probably

e.e i accidentally pressed almost never uses fourms

I keep thinking your Davidii •_•

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forums be pog

Putting ghost and then super active doesn’t make sense on how ghost it worded

it shouldn’t really be here because of the second poll and because the lurker option is better

or change it to something like “shows up for a bit then goes inactive for a bit”

My only complaint about the forums is that I wished the developers would be more active within it (Make more topics, reply to posts)

The forums is in an interesting spot right now where it’s quite active, but most topics tend to fall in the #gameplay-improvements section of the forums, and the ones that fall in #general-discussion end up being either questions, polls, or arguably low effort posts.

It sort of throws me for a bit when I see a bunch of new topics or topics that people have posted and which were bumped to the top, but none of them I really feel any interest in engaging with or replying to, simply because I either have nothing of interest to say or have no real opinion on the subject at hand.

I don’t know what’s changed though, the forums and the topics being made, or just the way I see the forums and the game in general. I feel like the topics are just less engaging, and are less divisive and debatable than before, but it could just me.

I really enjoyed the long, 100+ reply back and forth discussions because it gave me the ability to discuss points with others in great detail, constantly looking deeper and deeper. Nowadays, you don’t see it anymore. People just aren’t willing to debate as much about points that they assert. As soon as you press them on a point you disagree with, they either just don’t respond or they just say “you can have your opinion on the subject, and I can have mine, and we’ll leave it at that”.

What people fail to see is that debating our points is a way to build our own points by taking the arguments that are being sent towards you and either adding it to your idea or using points in your idea in creative ways that you might not have used them, or even considered them before.

To be honest though, it’s probably just me. I’m just so used to the long replies and the back and forths that led me to my original belief that the forums was all about high quality topics and discussion that the Discord just couldn’t host due to its fast-paced, sporadic nature. I don’t know how firmly I can assert that belief anymore.

Either way, that’s just a bit of a rant about my thoughts on the forums as of now.

I think people who posted in #gameplay-improvements (including me) have learned there’s no point in posting anything at all because it won’t get developer attention - it never did. Why have the section when the developers don’t respond?

Don’t think this is a very well made survey, because people who don’t use/don’t like/ aren’t active on the forums wont do it. Just saying. Also, answer, I agree with you 100%, and understand what you mean about the forums loosing the sort of spark from the players that made it so interesting. If you’re like though, I’d be willing to depart something with you.

Me too.

@Bean602 Hello lurker.


i don’t post often because i havent played vest much, but i lurk every now and then

I like the forums, but not a lot of people use it. I don’t use it much myself, I usually just check a couple times a day, but rarely post because I don’t know what to say.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 9.34.45 PM

Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

Although I still want more active members.

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