Vesteria favorites and dislikes

While we wait for the next play test, and since I’m bored -3-, why don’t we talk about what we like and dislike the most about Vesteria? :+1::-1:

My Biggest Like Is The Game. :+1:
My Biggest Dislike Is The Infrequent Playing On It, I Just Want To Play The Game I Love. :-1: :frowning:

This Is Me Over And Out!

You’re just like me lol



It’s Not Like That Is The Same For Everyone Else.

what I like about the game is how there are skills.
what I don’t like about it is that no one I know plays it lul.

I’m not the biggest fan of the combat as of now, but everything else is a ton of fun!

I like the graphics and models and such,
But I dislike the fact I can’t play it often.

I like EVERYthing about the game
I dislike the mental abuse i go through looking at the gamepage everyday and not being able to play it ;-;