Vesteria Events

Vesteria Free Release for Egg Hunt 2021 confirmed?

April Fools event was a predicted one that never came. These sound good though, might want to expand and talk abt what’s going to happen past the mobs and bosses.

I’ll be completely honest, 45k is nothing for high levels. (I’m referring to the pumpkin boss)

I really like the items perks though.

Jack o lantern boss will be dead within less than 5 shots form a ranger but, good idea
(Knights: what just poked me to 100dmg)
I Am Editing As I Go Along
Edit: this is level 25 gear
Second Edit: You could turn the warrior part into a Khopesh
third edit: A Level 30 wielding a green Poison bow, that’s a little unbalanced, seeing as it will do more than mo ko tu aa and you can practically just use it all game as it does more damage than a basic ballista
also, I found this when searching for ballista stats (look at the right side’s URL address thingie

Edit 4: I Skipped This, That Jack’o Lantern Head Sounds good, (more stuff for adventurers) also you could combine pirate hat with that and get some good greed, (fighting mo ko tu aa or farming chests)

lemme check that

nope, not there, hmmm

could be 45k hp with 9000 defense…?

  1. The warrior is basically that mounted on the end of a long stic.

  2. Remember that the Toxic Elven Bow only has Spider Leg Bow attack (I changed it, wasn’t supposed to be Green tier). Also, the damage only ticks three times, meaning total damage is 130% of shot damage. Not to mention some foes could KILL in those three seconds.