I made a Vesteria edit boys, the beginning is just a meme if you cant tell. xd

Cool, but I dont understand this. Am I dumb?

i misread the title i thought it was fortnite edit!!!111 1 :joy::ok_hand::fire::100::sweat_drops:

It’s like just an edit for vesteria I guess, and a little SK plug. xd

I cant even do this

this took you 2 hours??? 80% of it is just a still image and no editing.

cool video but I disliked the part where it said ‘‘sinister knights’’ since the superior guild is 100% Greyvale

lol, I was bored with no plans for it, then I just went and did it not knowing what I was gonna do. xd

greyvale has less members then us and is more inactive + lower level members

lol people r in guilds lol y ???

Dang 2 hours on that, editing must be pretty hard or you’re bad at it.

I wonder what that is for?