Vesteria Economy Fix

Well, at the very least a solution for exploiters needs to be added, such as Gamemasters.

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Unfortunately for us, that’s low on the developer’s priority list. According to Berezaa, Gamemasters would take a week of all of the Vesteria team’s scripters working together and getting nothing else done to get it implemented.

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Honestly that would be worth it. Gamemasters would mean a better future for Vesteria if they are worked on as soon as possible.

That is the exact reason I included the unfortunately right at the beginning.

this is a great solution for the vesterian economy at the moment, but it doesn’t solve the issue of enchantment scripts needing to be updated. if the enchantment scripts are in need of a wipe, it’s quite plausible to suggest that wiping for the economical benefits at the same time is the best route to go down

You’re forgetting that wiping as an entirety will cause more problems than wiping the enchantments?

simply the economy is not that bad, even ber says

see, the spider bow used to cost 900s due to demand

thats why cursed attack also costs alot, because people want its strong effects

also because its kinda hard to get

If you have nothing to back up your claims then don’t bother writing a response please. If you believe that something someone says, or something we have said, won’t do what we believe it will do, then explain why with well thought out sentences rather than

yet almost every single player claims that it is. And your reasoning is one item in game costing a lot

and because another item is


Both of these statements are true, but they don’t do anything to prove your point that the economy isn’t in a bad spot.

yes people want its strong effects
there isnt enough
prices rise
bruh moment

i apologise for not explaining but i was in mobile so i couldnt give you the lengthy and educated response

enjoy your read :wink:

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I really hope berezaa sees this, but indeed,
False hope is a common yet unwise thing…