Vesteria Economy Fix

Introducing “Gems”

Gems are a secondary currency which has the primary purpose of being a money sink. With the failed economy, one of the main issues is the lack of a money sink. A money sink allows for excess money in the economy to be eliminated. You can buy gems from a leprechaun on top of a pot of gems next to Monsieur Fred in Nilgarf. Gems and Ethyreum are two SEPARATE currencies. Ideally this has to happen over a wipe.

Gem Limits

Gems will cost 100 silver and will increase every day:

Saturday- 100S

Sunday- 110S

Monday- 120S

Tuesday- 130S

Wednesday- 140S

Thursday- 150S

Friday- 200S

A player can only buy 10 gems as a daily limit, unless they purchase gems for an increased price from the global pot of gems. They will only be able to hold a maximum of 100 gems on their player at one time, and can trade a maximum of 200 gems a week. Players can buy as much as they want from a “Global Pot” which holds a maximum of 10,000 gems a week, but cost 500 silver.

Gem Transactions

Gems will only be able to be bought with silver from an NPC or traded with other players for silver. They cannot trade items for gems or vice versa.

Gem Merchant

The Gem Merchant will appear every week at the Clearing where the purple tent is on Friday for 12 hours to sell a wide variety of items, which could either be cosmetic items or, most likely maybe one best in slot item. (again, the items purchasable with gems are up to the developers.) The armor and weapons you buy from the merchant are called “Primary items” and are soul bound to your character and are unable to be traded.

All numbers are up for drastic changes and are primarily used as examples .

Players involved: TheCountMC, ConnerTheHoly, AnonymousBrees, ComradeAids

This is really cool!

Pretty interesting way tbh

To be clear, you cannot put gems in your bank. 100 per player means 100 total over all character slots.

Edit: We forgot to mention that there is another limit to gem purchases. 1000 total gems are allocated to being created per week as a global limit, to prevent a large influx of gems and making tons of money off it as well as maintain the value of it.

Again, the numbers are simply hypothetical and are placeholders

To make sure you see this forum post, @berezaa <3

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seems neat, could work as a moneysink but it won’t help that exploiters still exist

Great idea, I listen the whole damn 2 hours in the VC.

Berezaa NEEDS to see this, this is a great idea.

comrade has decent ideas when he is high

@berezaa man we need this in our game

We have devised this as a possible solution to the Vesterian Economy. @berezaa

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I was on the discord listening and it sounds great WE NEED THIS TO FIX ARE ECONOMY!!


Love the idea

Just saying tho I did not help with the idea just asking about it and helping with a few of us looking at the idea


The concept of gem would be really nice! It provides an endgame goal and is a huge money sink that can get players to spend from 1g-2g per day if they buy 10 gems

e t h y r e u m

This is a great idea and a money sink is really needed at this point of the game. I would be fine if this gets added but wouldn’t it be easier if you could buy soulbound items from a new luxury merchant directly for silver? For example, a soulbound cosmetic set for 10 gold a piece? You could say this might be overpriced but people will definitely be willing to pay this much if they pay for crystals considering crystals are pretty expensive. Unless I missed over something, I don’t feel as if a currency that acts as the middle-man is needed. Of course with cosmetics being added, cosmetic slots will have to be added. My main point is that a money sink is definitely needed, but this can be done with overpriced cosmetics and I don’t see the point of adding another complicated currency system.

Nice idea and the gem merchant seems like the type of guy who would crusade the badlands for us

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@Atzal Having another currency be the middle-man allows for silver to have permanent value that can never go below what its worth to the other currency. Its called “Reserve currency” and its used in the real world. Think of silver as the United States Dollar and Gems as gold. For a long time, we said “A Dollar is worth x amount of gold” and it was. Then we changed the way our economy worked and now we rely on other countries currency. The idea still remains though. Gems are just a way to prevent inflation of the price of items you can buy with silver (my original idea I proposed when we started the conversation of a new system was having gems be used to buy every shop item and just base it off that, but majority seemed against it and it didn’t seem very smart after consideration, so we came up with this). Its also, like you said, a huge money sink. This video should explain the idea a lot better. You’ll notice that we use the same terms as in the video as well, and thats only because they are placeholders, used as examples just like the values and conversion rate. Hope that explains a bit.


Exploiters exist no matter what, the only way to get rid of them is if Roblox the company changes the way the games run. That is not going to happen. So the best solution to exploiters is to report them when you see them.

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