Vesteria developer popularity poll

Title says all.

Who’s your favourite Vesteria developer, and why?

  • Berezaa
  • Polymorphic
  • Sk3l3ton
  • Davidii
  • Prisman

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I personally like Poly the best, although he hasn’t been too active on both the forums and discord server, but I really like his ideas and I understand how important the script is too Vesteria. He’s also in charge of the hunters, which I like the most.

Feel free to debate in the comments.


i like davidii

Sk3. Vesteria maps are amazing, upcoming sewers raid looks dope, pvp minigame also looks epic.


Sk3 is my second favourite because of his work on Vesteria maps, especially The Pit. He’s also the only developer that cares about Warriors.


Although as a developer, he is around on the same level as the others, but he really handles conflict really well.

Take berezaa as an example, while dealing with Swegu, a ‘toxic’ person who he disliked, he just banned him and suspended him from both the forums and the discord server

He was actually banned until the year 3019 before.

Now, going back to the Messiah, I mean David. I heard about the forum raid by a certain person with a racist username 3 months back via discord and some screenshots, and saw that David replied to a post that raider made, and promised to ‘talk it up in dms’ with him and promised that there would be ‘no repercussions’.

This shows that David is a lot better in the social aspect.

Poor Bere he doesn’t have ane votes

Maps are awesome. :heart:

All of them do wonderful work and really really impressive stuff. David deals with the community well, he shut down a raider with only kindness i think remember that guy who claimed he was krumkillers? Ber leaks stuff and comes up with some fascinating ideas, sk3 builds the most beautiful stuff ive ever seen on roblox and poly has op script skill which i will never understand so respecc for devs

agreed 100%

Davidii knows how to keep the community happy and handles it very well. That’s why he is my favorite - as long as the player base is happy, the game will do well.

To be honest, I have forgotten about Prisman. I only remembered that he was a Vesteria developer when I saw this poll.

he’ll always be my fav dev/animator ;3

Hate to break it to you but…

F’s for Prisman

He ruined vesteria when we needed it the most. :frowning:

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I Cleaned your basement :bomb:


Thanks, also how the heck did I lose my Regular. :confused:

davidii is the best of the devs, having brought us subclasses quicker than most of us could imagine.

F in the chat gamers, you literally had it 2 days ago though

It must’ve been because I’ve been inactive.

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