Vesteria Dev team hire actual writers?

I wonder if the Vesteria dev team would be open to hiring writers for the game and let those writers put details into weapons, town, locations and etc. cus I’d think that would be pretty neat. They could also give insight to the developers on what to add to the game to help it improve its story and gameplay without breaking the story itself while keeping players intrigued in the world of Vesteria and having them come up with theories and easter eggs. I also think that having writers could benefit both the players and the developers as a medium to help both sides to get what they want, though this is just a suggestion. :sweat_smile:

Hope the developers read this and put some thought into it!~ :wink:

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There isn’t a really apparent “story mode” with Vesteria. Some quests will have their own short stories but nothing too big.

I meant more like “lore” wise instead.

They will probably have a little bit of lore for Vesteria but nothing too crazy. I’m pretty sure they want to avoid stories as much as possible. However, there is a little bit of lore at the Mushtown area. When you talk to an NPC he calls you a “Player” in bright red text. Not sure what this means but it could be the start of something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What if they need translators :thinking:

Google translate works fine but the grammar won’t be perfect.

I actually offered to do this for berezaa a couple months back: he never replied to any of my offers though

How sad, you would’ve made a good writer!

Seems like a cool concept :slight_smile:

RIP, that sucks.