Vesteria commuinty/game rant

Ok where should I start about the mean comments in this post

firstly im not a rude person I dont like p2w games because I allmost never paly p2w games and I prefer an update system like mincraft where updates come out bit by bit.

Secondly pls stop making fun of my spelling I suck at spelling come - on im not that good in english cause I suck in spelling

The game has a lack of updates but when the updates come out they turn out good so a good system is to introduce snapshots where update come out bit by bit every week.This will increase the player count

and I am also play the game and respect the devs

This was just a joke

this should be in #gameplay-improvements

ok ill move it

moved it

If this ain’t the most the toxic ignorant thing I’ve seen in a suggestion then idk what is.

I honestly cant stress this enough but… QUALITY TAKES TIME. Now if the devs purposefully publish an update knowing that people wont like then I can understand why you’d be angry since it’s happened a couple of times before.

This though is just you ranting on about how there hasn’t been alot of updates even though the reason for that is because they publish HUGE updates so that we can fully enjoy the games new update

Not only that but you can’t even give the dev the respect of correctly spelling his name, you’re encouraging people to spam and annoy devs. You for sure are the type of person who spends all his money on simulators and hates know developers who dont make the game p2w


ok i get the point
I just made this for fun dont take this seriously

Changed this to #general-discussion:off-topic

Also, this is the dumbest post I’ve seen in a while. It would most likely discourage them if anything. It’s not even a petition, but pure stupidity.

and i dont spend all my money on pay to win games

also pls dont post
I just did this for fun

pls dont be toxic and leave rude replys on the text
I just want a new update

Really dumb post. Developers don’t magically pop out new updates. It takes time to make the update and test it out for bugs :rage::pleading_face:

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ok i get the point

guys, don’t be so mean! He did it JUSTFORCAUSE


Vesteria is a well-crafted MMORPG that could stand alone as its own app. Even though we all would like updates faster, would you want to trade out the quality Vesteria is known for and get buggy and low quality updates at a faster pace?

is this a low effort post?

insert man pointing to butterfly meme


thats the reference i was making.
congrats for figuring it out.

like first you put replies that can be put together into one post but yet you scatter them like the infinity stones and then you put

as if you think thats gonna stop people from arguing at you and letting this slide and these crappy statements right here just blows me off

stop being lazy? we’re all in quarantine right now so theres gonna be a lot of life problems and you want them to go faster then their own/original rate that they’ve been going because they work from home. have you ever tried scripting and building or thinking up of ideas? Take bee swarm, theres only one dev and he pushes out updates every couple of months and a majority of the discord server doesn’t complain. if you want them to bring better quality updates, give them time.

oh yeah and also you didn’t even make a voting place for the so called petition lol. low effort, close.

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obviously a game needs updates to live devs dont need a petition to see that

This post shows that there are many very rude and toxic members in the forums and many people who are very rude

Do you want to know that I cried to some of the comments.