Vesteria closing, maybe for good actually, who knows

I want to discuss what the topic simply says.

The game randomly went down unexpectedly around a month ago, no clues given, people who were busily grinding suddenly ran into a halt with a bigger issue than anyone has ever faced, people invested with their time in the game suddenly forced to play other games that they aren’t very invested with, people who actually purchased the game with money they invested in, just to get the simple messages that “the game is closed”.

This struct me hard, I put over a dozen hours per day grinding and trading up to holy scrolls for me to achieve half-decent sand ravaged bow, only to get locked out, with the message “Oh no, your dead!”.
I’m just as confused as everyone who is reading this, 2-3 weeks later, left with suspense, not even a single clue to a return date, I see discussions about when vesteria may come back, possible leaks, and their future plans for after the game comes out. What I saw were people who were still holding on to the small amount of faith they had for the game, and the people who’ve given up and left all of it behind. I took a step back to see fellow guilds that I am fond with taking a bigger blow, such as Revin and Gold resistance, losing the reason why they stand as firm guilds to this day, over a decision that was supposingly bad planned.

What came even closer to me when I saw people talking was the amount of fake news going around, about a “purge all the beta wave” to “bere’s gonna wipe your data”. People from all sides didn’t take this very fondly, both defending and the people who believed in such lies, manipulation over fake news that was spoken, and cant even be proven false or true because of the lack of evidence and who it comes from. Seeing about how much corruption has spread across the community due to the lack of communication from developer to community really struct me.

I want to speak to berezaa, and to the whole development team. Why keep this a secret, there is really nothing to hide, a secret is something that will one day uncover itself. Why let this corruption spread and let the hopeless be looked like fools, to drive away the player base that you once created out of hard work and skill, countless hours of coding, hiring developers, and streaming your code you written to hundreds of people online. Why are you hiding all of this from us. We, as a community, are here to play your game, were even waiting for you, patiently. This trying time sets our mind on a harder path as we are faced with many issues and something we all loved to play, be turned away from us. We want communication, thats how the game was built anyway, the commonly known game known as “vesteria” being told about through friends and people online.

Change cant be forced, but it can be made.


If Vesteria fries, I’mma see if I can get ber’s permission to post a copy that’s free (not in it for profit but just to be a “good person”). Yeah there would be data wipe but only because startup of new game, otherwise the exact same.

I would be interested to see how crowded mushpoc gets.

we all know this update isn’t a simple security update, also the scripters are taking time to “spread their wings” it has been 2 weeks tho. And we all know vesteria has lot and lot of robux in their group so why is it a problem to hire scripters? I wanna know why is the game taking so long
when the game re-opens I’m probs going to make 176 arts in 47 mins


Certainly, Vesteria has been closed for much longer timespans than this. Right? Is this unparalleled?

You ever needed sleep?



This is unparalleled.

It has been shut down for longer, but not without an explanation.

The End is Near


While most of your post is sound, I do want to touch on a few things.

You act as if though data will be wiped and your progress was for nothing. Data will not be wiped, this has been confirmed numerous times by berezaa. Is it tiring and boring waiting for Vesteria to re-open? For sure, but I think the game will be better off for it.

The whole point of closing it down without a return date is because there is no solid return date, it all just depends on what they think is best and when the developers think the game is ready to return.

This is somewhat true. Most roles (including the Alpha and Beta roles) were removed from the Discord server, and anyone who has not checked in on the server recently has been removed from the server (free to rejoin if they want though). Essentially, the only people who are immune are those who boosted the server, testers, moderators, gamemasters, contributors and developers.

Again, berezaa has stated numerous times that there will not be a wipe:

In addition, the reason there’s a lack of communication from the developers is sort of because that’s the point, seen here:

They don’t want the community to have a say in the development of the game at this point in time, since the next upcoming changes might be a bit controversial (especially Phase 3’s subclass restriction removal).

See above.

Again, from the quote above, if you honestly decide to quit Vesteria because now the Discord server is gone/the game is down temporarily, then it may be possible that you never really cared in the first place and that you were only sticking with Vesteria for one or two reasons outside of the game itself.

I don’t mean this in a harsh way either. That’s literally a secondary goal of this: drive out those who don’t actually care about Vesteria and who are just around for the sake of being around.

So yeah, that’s all I really had to say on that. Just wanted to point a few things out.

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@berezaa radio silence is not a good thing.


and LOTS of stonks

honestly if vesteria closes for good, why not just make one last mega update and leave the game open (like what terraria is doing)

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let’s not encourage that idea, that’s for deseperated moments, red tryna brainwash us making us think “wait, vesteria rlly might close forever tho”, I’m sure ber will get this under control like he always does with any of his games.

Don’t think he would allow you. It’s probably disrespectful anyways.

It’s not clear to me what’s happening with Vesteria. We brought on two scripters, and one of them quit just about right off the bat because the position wasn’t what they expected and the codebase was too intimidating. The other scripter has been awesome and messing around with stuff but neither me or Polymorphic have been there to give them any guidance. In fact I’m particularly sad about Poly, because I talked with him a ton about the way things used to be and I thought that I got him really excited about doing things right again but he hasn’t been much more alive than before our talks. I get the feeling that he doesn’t really believe the game can succeed anymore, which really sucks because I feel like we’re just a few weeks of solid teamwork away from accomplishing what we set out to do.

Pretty dejected about everything… I’m going to keep making little progress here and there whenever I can towards re-opening the game, but it really feels like I’m all by myself on this one.


And where is sk3 in this? Its been over 2 weeks so his suspension should be over if im right

Wait so is Sk3leton fired completely, instead of a 3 week suspension from the team?

a good game needs a balance between listening to the community and doing things that must be done but the community will not like.

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No one is surprised on this one dude.

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Let’s all support berezaa together! like the topic says, let’s all support berezaa there, also you can ask your staff to look for scripters or you can look for them yourself cuz there are MANY MANY MANY MANY scripters in the roblox community. (Also looks like someone is missing davidii :eyes: lol he’d probs carry the game in those moments)


no the game is done let this die