Vesteria Chest Guide (beta-1.7)

Changelog: Updated to beta-1.7: The Return of the Giants

It’s quite possible that Chests have been missed out, or that there are mistakes derived from Chests that have now been removed, so feel free to explore yourself to try and find more. Report any inaccuricies by replying.
Also report grematycal errors or my OCD will lose it

This is a guide to every known Chest in Vesteria, as of beta-1.6, as well as the basic functions of Chests. If you wish to experience the unrivaled joy of hunting tirelessly for every Chest yourself, then stop reading now.

I originally wrote every Chest location on the wiki (although wiki locations have not been updated for a months now and so they’re pretty inaccurate), but have since converted to the Forums after realising the unreliability of the wiki.

If anyone wants to make updated video guides for Chest locations, like @HarryIsBeast skillfully did on Bean’s post, then feel free. I myself don’t have the editing skills or upload speed to do such a thing.

Wooden and Bluesteel Chests


Since the beta 1.5.3 update, there's practically no difference between these two chests. They are now both only openable once, and both contain fairly mid-tier items. At the moment, the only difference is that Bluesteels award a badge. This will hopefully be changed in future to add a more suitable differentiation for Bluesteel Chests.

Golden Chests


Golden Chests are the rarest type of Chests in the game, and can only be opened once per save slot. They contain unique items, such as the Mushroom Hat or Fishing Rod, but don't award any Mushcoin.


*Unless otherwise stated, the Chest is Wooden


Chest 1:
Contains: Strange Tablet
From the new save slot spawnpoint, turn left and head to the end of the river by the waterfall, where there’s an underwater cave hiding a Chest. This Chest is “Locked” unless you start the Xero Quest (Treasure Hunt - Quest Guide for Every Quest - Beta 1.3.3), and you sadly cannot unlock this Chest if you completed the Quest prior to beta-1.5.3. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.

Chest 2:
Contains: Scroll for Weapon ATK (100%)
Jump down the well near Scruff, and head along the tunnel, stepping through some wooden planks to reach the Chest.

Chest 3:
Contains: 5 Red Potions, 5 Blue Potions
Beneath the bridge that crosses the river.

Chest 4:
Contains: 1 Mushtown Rune
After walking through the main entrance of Mushtown, enter the first building on the right. In the corner of the righthand room is a Chest.

Chest 5:
Contains: Straw Hat (item screenshot:
After entering Mushtown through the main entrance, turn right and walk over to Inkeeper Edith. Then, turn left to travel through a small passageway behind some houses. There is a door behind one of the houses on your left that will lead you to a cellar containing a Chest.

Bluesteel Chest 1:
Contains: 10 Big Red Potions, 1 Dexterity Potion
The small ‘lake’ at the end of the river has 3 mushrooms embedded in the cliff beside it (2 red mushrooms and 1 orange mushroom). Bouncing off of these mushrooms in the correct succession will lead you to a trail with a Bluesteel Chest at the end.

Bluesteel Chest 2:
Contains: “Lela’s Club” (item screenshot:
Locate Mayor Noah in Mushtown, facing a red tent. Go behind the red tent he’s facing into a small ditch, and walk left along the bottom of that ditch. This leads you to a Bluesteel Chest under some boardwalks.

Mushroom Forest

Chest 1:
Contains: Scroll for Armor DEF (100%)
When starting the Quest ‘Wheel Woes’ (which can be initiated on the right of the main trail just after entering from Mushtown), follow the beast’s trail up to an area densely filled with mushrooms, and turn left to walk up a grassy bank. There’s a hole in the small hill with a Chest inside. You’ll have to maneuver around some mushrooms to reach it.

Chest 2:
Contains: 3 Silver
Entering from Mushtown, go to the river and turn left, entering an area surrounded by cliffs where the river ends. There’s a Chest at the base of a lone tree.

Chest 3:
Contains: 20 Orange Potions, 20 Purple Potions
In the middle of the river is a large, circular section with a small island in the middle. There’s a little hole in the island with a chest inside.

Chest 4:
Contains: 20 Fresh Fish
Beneath the log that crosses the river close to The Great Crossroad’s teleporter, there’s a small divot with a Chest inside.

Chest 5:
Contains: 1 Dexterity Potion, 1 Strength Potion, 1 Intelligence Potion
Travel along the right hand side edge of the map, until reaching a ledge that has a log reaching up to it. Below the end of the log is the Chest.

Chest 6:
Contains: “Cool Rake” (item screenshot:
Oh my God this took literal HOURS to find. When entering from Mushtown, turn left to see a fallen tree trunk heading away from you. To the right of the end of tree trunk is a medium-sized pine that has a treehouse on it, which is quite a bit higher up than most of the other treehouses. You’ll need to reach the treehouse to find the Chest inside, which is a task in itself, and I struggled even as a high-mobility Hunter. What I believe to be the easiest way to reach the treehouse is shown in this video:, although there really isn’t a set way to do it. Good luck!

Bluesteel Chest:
Contains: 2 Mighty Subs, 2 Silver
Entering from The Great Crossroads, turn right to find a weird mound which stakes from the ground up, like a pole, which is impossible to climb. Use a log jutting out from a hill nearby to bounce on the mushroom below the log in such a way that you’re launched ontop of the mound, where the Bluesteel hides. A small clip of the rough area of the mushroom to land on can be found here:

Golden Chest:
Contains: Mushroom Hat (item screenshot:
About half way along the main trail (close to the river) is a group of mushrooms - all emerging from a large divot in the ground next to the trail. Jump on the mushrooms to launch yourself onto a high-up treehouse, which is otherwise unreachable, and make sure to use the central tips of the mushrooms to launch yourself directly upwards as opposed to being launched away at an angle. Inside the treehouse is the Golden Chest. A recommended and very helpful clip can be found here:

Mushroom Grotto

Chest 1:
Contains: 90 Red Mushrooms, 14 Elder Beards, 800 Bronze
When entering from Mushroom Forest, walk past the first giant mushroom stalk on the left, and then look up and to the left. There should be a large pink mushroom growing out of the wall, then a boulder to the right of it, and a large orange-red mushroom to the right of that. You’ll need to climb up above the boulder to find a small tunnel with the Chest hidden inside, which is easiest when done with mushroom bounces or the Hunter’s Double Jump. Here’s a quick guide to how to reach it, although I am using Double Jump and have 17 Movement speed: Make sure to try and land on the central point of the mushroom to be bounced directly upwards.

Chest 2:
Contains: 26 Big Red Potions
When entering from Mushroom Forest, walk through the grassy section and towards the “poison shroom” area - but don’t go as far as where green mushrooms start to grow. Look up and to the right to see a Chest perched on a mushroom. There’s a number of ways to reach the Chest, but the easiest would probably be something similar to this:

The Great Crossroads

Chest 1:
Contains: 10 Silver
Behind the guard that blocks players under Level 15 from entering Nilgarf, and thus players under level 15 won’t be able to open this Chest.

Chest 2:
Contains: “Melvin’s Axe” (item screenshot:
Turn right at the guard who blocks off Nilgarf, jumping into a small stream. There’s an underwater maze that you can reach when travelling down the stream, where the Chest hides.

Chest 3:
Contains: Great Scroll for Weapon ATK (70%)
On the right of the Nilgarf bridge is a tower with a Chest atop, connected to the main bridge by a rickety and broken wooden bridge. As it’s on the Nigarf Bridge, players won’t be able to open the Chest if they are under level 15.

Chest 4:
Contains: 3 Bananas
By the 3 teleporters to Scallop Shores, Redwood Pass and Enchanted Forest is an arch with a crumbling tower either side. One of the towers can be climbed to reach the roof of a windmill, where the Chest is sitting.

Nilgarf (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: When entering from The Clearing, turn left and head over a short wooden bridge. Infront of you should be an accessible house. To the left of the front door is a fence, conneted to the city wall, and behind that fence is the Chest

Chest 2: Jump into the water behind the 3 Faction statues in the center of Nilgarf and swim right, into a small hole with a Chest inside.

Chest 3: On top of the Nilgarf General Store.

Chest 4: From the Nilgarf General Store, turn left and head toward the Banktellers. You should pass over a wooden bridge, and below that bridge is a Chest.

Chest 5: From the Banktellers, turn around to see a stone tower. Combining the house next to it with the tree allows you to climb to the top of the tower, where the Chest is.

Chest 6: Left of the Seaside Path teleporter is a purple tent, a green tent, and then a house. Climbing onto the red section of the roof of that house will reveal a Chest.

Chest 7: Ontop of the Banktellers is a crane, holsting up a Chest. You can reach this Chest using parkour.

Chest 8: When entering from The Clearing, there should be a door immediately on your left. Travelling inside will reveal a tunnel, and at the end of a tunnel is a wooden staircase with a Chest beneath it.

Chest 9: Just before entering the Farmlands, take the last turn on the left, and then turn left again, leading you to a Chest against a wall.

Chest 10: Look left of the Farmlands teleporter. There’s a brick wall connecting the city wall to a house, and behind it is a Chest.

Chest 11: When entering from The Clearing, walk along the trail to the right, then take a right again, and look behind the hay that’s yet again on the right. There’s a Chest there.

Bluesteel Chest: Right after entering from The Clearing, there’s a house on the left with a 3rd storey balcony. Parkouring up to this balcony will reveal the chest, which houses 10 Rockfish.

Nilgarf Sewers (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: Enter from the Nilgarf entrance and quickly spam your Chest opening button as you spawn in. You should get the Chest as you fall down. If you do not succeed, try resetting your character and you will fall through the same entrance, allowing you to try again. Alternatively, you can try running and jumping onto the ledge before you fall.

Chest 2: Behind the Ratking. Turn right from him to circle around to the Chest.

Chest 3: From the Begger, turn right and head into a large hexagonal pipe. Swim to the bottom of the pipe, where you’ll find the Chest.

Chest 4: Continue walking past the begger for a few steps, meeting a wooden beam that acts as a staircase. Climb it, then turn left along another small beam, entering a hole in the brickwork. Don’t drop down into the Batty room, just keep edging yourself along the small brick ledge until you find a little opening with the Chest inside.

Chest 5: Look around the back wall of the Ratty room to find a tunnel, with a Chest just on the right when entering.

Bluesteel Chest: Follow Chest 4’s instructions, but just drop into the Batty room to collect the Chest.

Scallop Shores (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: The first Chest is located to the right entering from The Colosseum. Jump up the small dirt ledge, then keep walking uphill on the grass until you reach a sharp cliff with a chest on the edge of it.

Chest 2: Dropping down the large cliff, near The Colosseum’s teleporter, will reveal a small cave with a chest housed inside, at the cliff’s base.

Chest 3: On the wooden walkway of the Hunter’s fort (follow the trail from the Seaside Path teleporter forwards to get to the fort).

Chest 4: Turning right when entering from Port Fidelio leads you to a cannon. Looking to the left will reveal a tunnel leading into the ground where a Chest is hiding.

Chest 5: There are 3 islands of the coast, each having its own distinct mountain. On the largest of these 3 islands, with the most vegetation, is a small hut with a Chest behind it.

Chest 6: Underwater, beneath the ship that’s anchored near the entrance from Seaside Path, is a Chest hidden in the seaweed.

Chest 7: Walking along the leftmost trail entering from Seaside Path will lead you to a large arch. In the right wall of this arch is a cannon and a Chest.

Chest 8: Along the beach is a noticeably large red, cone shaped shell. Behind it is a Chest which is slightly tucked into the sand.

Chest 9: After entering from Port Fidelio, there’s a cannon on the left. Jump off of the cliff infront of the cannon to land ontop of a Chest on the beach.

Golden Chest : This Chest is only accessible after completing the New Recruit quest arc. It is located in an alcove behind one of the detonated rubee hives, in a cliff face, which is accessible by dropping down from the top of the cliff. The Chest rewards the Holy Rubee Halo.

Shipwreck Bottom (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: Turn right upon entering, and follow the sand cliff wall. There’s a hole with a Chest inside close to spawn.

Chest 2: After you join, turn right and follow the sand wall until you reach a sunken ship, turned on its side. Go “behind” the ship, to the corner of the map, where there’s a small area filled crates, wood and barrels, alongside a Chest.

Chest 3: When entering, go to the right until reaching the Eastern sand wall. At the midpoint of the wall is an extension of sand leading up to an island, where the Chest is located, alongside “Job Job”.

Chest 4: Follow the direction in Chest 3, but instead of going up the large sand pillar, look left to see a large boulder covered in coral. At the side of the boulder facing the sand wall is a small hole with the Chest inside.

Chest 5: Head forward from spawn, until passing through a half-loop of sand. Then, look right to see a fallen ship mast, with a Chest on the end. Jump up to reach the Chest.

Chest 6: Head forward from spawn, until passing through a half-loop of sand. Then, look left to see a sunken ship. On the deck of that ship is a Chest.

Chest 7: From spawn, head left until reaching the Snelly’s spawn trench. At the North end of the trench is a Chest.

Golden Chest , and Chest 8 & 9: Upon entering, turn right and search for a sunken ship which is broken into 2 parts, just left of the large seaweed strands. Between these 2 parts is an openable barrier, which requires the player to search the map for 4 “Strange Stones”. Each stone holds 1 part of the player’s unique code (each player has a different code to avoid cheating), which can be used to access the Golden Chest and the other 2 Chests. This guide will not include the location of the stones, you’ll have to find them yourself, or try and guess your combination out of the 256 possible solutions. This Golden Chest contains the Pirate Hat.

Port Fidelio (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: The first chest can be located in the underwater reefs. Fall underwater just next to the blue sailed ship (on its left side) and you should find a small tunnel arc in the sand wall where a Chest lies.

Chest 2: On the large building behind the blue sailed ship are 2 towers. At the base of the smaller and thinner of the 2 towers hides a Chest.

Chest 3: Parallel to the Lighthouse at the Port’s exit is a very tall hill with a large palm tree atop it. At the top of this hill lies a cannon and a Chest.

Chest 4: Under the helm of the green sailed ship sits a Chest.

** Chest 5:** At the opposite side of the port from the lighthouse is another very tall hill with a regular tree growing on the top. The Chest is located at the stump of the tree.

Chest 6: Underwater, beneath the white bridge that’s exactly behind the blue sailed ship, is where the 6th Chest is hidden.

Chest 7: Behind the counter of the bar hides the 7th Chest.

Chest 8: In the group of white houses, there’s a Chest underneath an orange blanket which is attached between 2 buildings.

Chest 9: Inside the Evil Scientist’s tower.

The Colosseum

Chest 1:
Contains: 20 Purple Potions, 20 Horn of Red Potions
Before entering the Colosseum, you can find a Chest in the tent to the left of the trail.

Chest 2:
Contains: 3 Colosseum Runes
In the first tent found to the right after entering the upper stands of the Colosseum.

Chest 3:
Contains: 1 Mushroom Soup
After entering inside the Colosseum, you’ll see a giant pine tree on thr right has fallen and broken down part of the wall down. Walking across this tree to where the stump was once buried will reveal a chest.

Chest 4:
Contains: 10 Silver
Travel to the other side of the the spectator stands from the entrance, until you see the Chest inside one of the Colosseum’s outer arcs.

The Lost Corridor (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: Head to the gate at the middle of The Lost Corridor. Get atop the gate either using the doors (if the doors are closed, you’ll have to try and parkour your way up), and then travel to the tunnel that leads away in 1 direction. About half way down the tunnel is a Chest.

Chest 2: Like Chest 1, get atop the gate. Then head in the opposite direction of the tunnel, where there’s a sort of trail indented in the cliff face. On the right of this “trail” is a chest.

Chest 3: Head to the side of the gate that is facing The Colosseum. There’s an indent to the left of the gate, inside the cliff, housing a Chest. You can reach it by jumping.

Chest 4: Jump into the last stretch of water, closest to The Colosseum. There’s a Chest sitting there.

Bluesteel Chest: When entering from the Enchanted Forest, turn left and head toward the bridge. Jump off into the water and swim between the 2 stone pillars holding the bridge up. Between them is a hole in the dirt, leading into a small space where the Bluesteel Chest is. This Chest previously contained the “Lucky Boots”, and now contains the “Greedy Boots”.

Enchanted Forest (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: The first Chest is found at the top of the largest accessible hill. Follow the trail until you get to the large, gauge-like lake with a waterfall on the left, at which point follow the right cave/tunnel system in the side of the cliff until reaching the top. After exiting the tunnel go to the large Mage symbol on the floor infront of you, which acts as a teleporter. This will take you to the Chest.

Chest 2: Follow Chest 1’s route up to the top of the hill, but after exiting the tunnel, turn around and go to the edge of the cliff. The Chest is tucked out of sight on the very edge.

Chest 3: Take the main trail just past the Gnome village, up to the large lake which is near the Tree of Life’s teleporter. Jump into the lake and swim behind the waterfall, where the Chest will be sitting.

Chest 4 & 5: Following the trail from the Farmlands teleporter, you’ll have to walk under a giant tree root just before the small Gnome village. To the right is a bush that hides a tunnel down to the spider caves. When descending the tunnel, keep a sharp eye out to the right for a small hidden tunnel which sneaks off into a little cave where the 2 Chests are hidden.

Chest 6: Follow the trail to the Gnome village, and then continue forwards, going between the route to the Tree of Life or Spider Camp, through some vegetation. This will lead you to the Goblin village. From here, look to the right behind the waterfall, noticing a hole. Parkour your way to the hole and travel past some non-collidible bushes to reach the Chest.

Chest 7: At the Goblin Village (follow forward after entering the gnome village, it’s in a lake like the one which is where the Mage City teleporter is), there’s a hole behind the waterfall that can be reached from jumping on one of the goblin roofs.

Chest 8: Follow Chest 7’s route to the Goblin Village. From there, jump into the water and swim to the left, into an underground tunnel, half submerged in water. At the end of the tunnel is an underwater Chest.

Bluesteel Chest: In the spider caves. It’s much easier to follow a video that to attempt an explanation:

Spider Queen's Revenge (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Dungeon Room Chests

Chest 1: Starting room - behind spawn and Pam.

Chest 2: Clear the Spiders I - It is found behind a pillar on a higher elevation.

Chest 3: Repair the Bridge - Found in an alcove deep within the cave system, near the spiderling-infested gear.

Chest 4: Clear the Spiders II - Found in an alcove at the central area.

Chest 5: Pass the Obby I - Fall from the obby and turn right, following a tunnel that goes down beneath the obby to a room dedicated to the Chest.

Chest 6: Destroy the Spider Egg Piles - The chest can be found besides one of the egg piles.

Chest 7: Clear the Spiderlings - It can be found along the central pillar, opposite side to the next portal.

Chest 8: Pass the Obby II - It can be found along a steep path dug into rock that can be accessed either from the end of the room or at the bottom of the pit.

Chest 9: Fight the Spider Prince - It can be seen overhead upon exiting the starter area.

Boss Room Chests

Chest 1: Walk around to the left of spawn. Behind the second one of the giant stone pillars is a Chest.

Chest 2: From spawn, climb up the 4th pillar along from the left and jump to a tunnel to the right. At the back of the tunnel is a Chest.

Chest 3: From spawn, climb to the top of the 4th pillar on the left, and use 2 stones which are situated in the wall on the left to jump into a tunnel that’s otherwise unreachable. It’s difficult to reach without practise, even with Double Jump or Blink.

Chest 4: From spawn, climb the first pillar to your left as far as you can and run/jump across to the tunnel on the right. It’s much easier to reach then Chests 2 & 3.

Chest 5: From spawn, climb the second pillar on your right and try to manoeuvre yourself across to the right using small rocks in the wall at the top right of the pillar. The Chest is in a spider-webbed covered tunnel that’s further to the right. Difficult to reach.

Bluesteel Chest: Located in a cave to the top left of the 3rd left pillar. This chest is basically impossible to reach without Lv. 10 Blink or tactical Double Jump usage. Here’s a possible way to reach it using Double Jump: The chest contains 40 Spider Legs, 3 Spider’s Essence and 6 Silver.

Tree of Life (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1 : Located at the very top of the Tree of Life. This Chest is extremely difficult to reach due to the tree’s high slopes and the presence of invisible walls. Hunters (with double jump) and Mages can reach the top, but warriors cannot. Hunter guide:

Chest 2: Above the potion shop, which is to the right when entering from the Enchanted Forest.

Chest 3: Up the hill Northwest of the equipment shop there is a Chest hidden in a small hole.

Chest 4: In front of the 3rd teleporter, jump into the pond and circle behind the rock pillar.

Chest 5: From the 3rd teleporter, go right. there is a Chest just below the second root-made bridge.

Chest 6: From the 3rd teleporter, go left to the tent then take the left pathway. A Chest can be seen at the base of a tree on the left of the path.

Chest 7: To the left Chest 6 there is a small hole in the dirt, containing a Chest.

Chest 8: Near to teleporter at the Gnome village, enter the green-roofed house. There is a mini-Chest near the entrance.

Chest 9: When you spawn, go to the hill to your right, circling back slightly. There is a Chest in a small hole.

Redwood Pass (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: At the first 180° turn of the trail, continue forward to the base of a fallen tree which is pointing at you. There hides this sneaky Chest.

Chest 2: On the second 180° turn of the trail, divert off the path to an opening between 2 slopes. A Chest is below the bridge that crosses above in front of you.

Chest 3: Continue up the path until reaching the short before-mentioned wooden bridge. Before crossing, look on the left to see a large deformed pile of dirt. Climbing it will reveal a Chest in a divot.

Chest 4: After crossing the wooden bridge, look up to the right to see a slanted red tree on top a hill between 2 taller hills. Climb up to it to find the next Chest.

Chest 5: After reaching the main snowy area, the path should circle around a patch of large dead trunks and smaller pine trees. Once passing the first snowy small tree, go towards it, and behind the fallen trunk is a Chest.

Chest 6: Further along the snowy area is a big fallen tree, tightly slanting from the left to right. There’s a Chest at the end of the tree, which you can walk up the trunk to reach.

Chest 7: Following the snowy trail a few steps further, you’ll come across a much larger slanted dead tree which looms over the path, going to the left. Climbing it and jumping off the end will lead you to yet another chest. Alternatively, you could drop down on this Chest from the top of the mountain.

Chest 8: Towards the top of the trail is a large fallen tree sticking out over the edge of a cliff. Jumping over to the other side of the tree from the trail reveals the Chest.

Chest 9: Located in a small hole in the Yeti’s cave.

Warrior Stronghold (Chests not updated to 1.5.3 mechanics)

Chest 1: After leaving the tunnel that leads to the bridge, turn the corner to the left.

Chest 2 & 3: To the right of the tunnel exit is a guard who can be interacted with. Jumping off the bridge behind him will reveal a door which can be walked through inside the bridge’s base. This door exits in the main hall of the stronghold - on the rafters. Jumping around the pillars carefully using the top of the banners will lead you to the 2 Chests at the end.

Chest 4: Use the door that’s just over the end of the bridge and through the gate, on the left.

Chest 5: After entering into the courtyard of the Stronghold (Bridge behind you, Blacksmith to the right, hall ahead), turn left and go down the 2 flights of stone stairs. Then, cross past the flight of stairs leading up and go to the smaller set leading further down. The Chest is beneath those stairs.

Chest 6: Continue from Chest 5’s location, past the crane, and turn right to find a Chest nestled in the snow.

Chest 7: Traversing back to Chest 5’s walk, instead go up the wooden stairs and along the rooftop to the right, until meeting the Chest.

Chest 8: Get onto the higher section of the roof using the mountains either side of the Stronghold, or various methods of tedious parkour, and head to the edge of the Stronghold which is furthest away from the Redwoof Pass teleporter, just above the Blacksmith. There’s a crane there which is hoisting the Chest up.

Chest 9: Jump off of the Stronghold, right of the Blacksmith, and then climb up the snow cliff. There’s a Chest tucked behind a ridge of snow at the top of the cliff.

Chest 10: Guide:

Chest 11 - 15: Guide:

Chest 16: Next to the Potion Seller in his shop.

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There are actually two chests in Mushroom Grotto One being in the first area ontop of the grrotto, the second being in the poisoned area where there is parkour along the right wall.

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Nilgarf was updated…

Head right after coming in through the main entrance to Nilgarf and head into the first enter-able door on your right. Continue up the stairs and the chest is on the balcony.

There is a door in the wall right to the left of the main entrance. Run through the long corridor and exit through the next door. You will be on top of the Nilgarf Storage Bank. There is a crane-like machine that has a wooden platform on it. On that wooden platform is the chest.


Since this post is 3 months old, I can no longer update it. I have copied the raw data to a document and will continue to update that, releasing the full updated version once all chests have been re-added.
Until that time, please be sure to continue updating this topic with new Chest updates and locations.

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Redwood was updated. only one chest, but it holds the aviator cap. Found in a small divot in the side of the mountain peak. Like, literally right below the peak.
Sorry if it isn’t too detailed, but the best description i can give is that it’s on the front side of the mountain peak.