Vesteria Changelog

This is a massive WIP and may not be done for a while

This will be a full list of EVERY Vesteria update ever. Nothing yet, but you can help. I have every update except for the mini ones before Alpha 1.1. Is there someone who could tell me those?

that’s a video.
it’s gonna be dated pretty soon

but for now its the best source of info
perhaps the thread creator can copy the info onto the post

Everything will be dated soon if you think about it.

I respect fantastish’s video, but it will get outdated. This is meant to be a completely up to date changelog. Now, does anyone have a list of the small updates before Alpha 1.1?

I am thinking of updating this every week with about 5 updates per week.

Is there anyone who I can tag to edit the first post? I can’t.

This can be closed.

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