Vesteria Callouts Episode: 1 Mushtown

_Welcome To Vesteria Callouts _

What Is This?
A General Guide On Locations And Names For Them To Help New Players Learn The Small Parts Of The Areas.

Lets Start Of As a Level 1 Noob Spawning In We Would Spawn In In Spawn. (Pictured Below)

Directly To Your Right You Have Market Where You Can Buy Items. (Pictured Below)

But If You Go To Your Left You Find Undercove And A Chest! (Pictured Below)

The Little Hole That Connects To Undercove Is Called Trenches. (Pictured Below)

If You Go All The Way And Pop Out You Find Chicken Camp. (Pictured Below)

If You Go Up The Hill Next To Chicken Camp You Find Chest Tower (Pictured Below)

Ok Now Lets Go Back To Spawn And From Their Go Foward Past That Makeshift Wood Bridge And Go Left You Will Reach Mushtown Slums. (Pictured Below)

Ok Turn Backwards And Go Out MushTown Exit. (Pictured Below)

Ok Lets Get To The Exit Then We Will Come Back Here To Go To The Rest Of The Areas That We Miss.

We Start By Going Foward Until We Reach Stone Bridge. (Pictured Below)

Continue Following The Path To Shrooms. (Pictured Below)

If You Go Right Near The Exit Of Shrooms You Find Shroom Coast. (Pictured Below)

Keep Going And You Will Reach Cave Camp. (Pictured Below)

Keep Following The Path Till You Reach Hill Path Bottom. (Pictured Below)

Once You Get To The Top You Reach Hill Path Top. (Pictured Below)

On Your Left You Will Find Dwayne Johnson. (Pictured Below)

Go A Bit Farther And Go Right To Reach Big Shroom. (Pictured Below)

Anf Finally Follow The Path To Finish Off At Zone Exit. (Pictured Below)

Now We Will Go Back To The Exit Of Mushtown And Take A Right Going That Way Leads Us To Dock House. (Pictured Below)

If You Go Down The Path You Find Dock. (Pictured Below)

And If You Jump In The Pond You Are Now In Pond. (Pictured Below)

And Finally If You Go Around Back You Can Find White Flower And A Chest Nearby. (Pictured Below)

Thank You All For Reading This. Please I Would Like Feedback On My Format Or Areas That Should Be Added Or Changing Names For Areas. Feel Free To Suggest My Next Area.

For me I like pictures without the UI, that’s just my opinion. Choose to do so if wanted. Also I like my formatting like

This since I find it as a nice aesthetic when reading texts, just my tastes really. Take these suggestions as you please or something.

The guide is fine, just some areas… being called certain things… just don’t really fit Vesteria as for me. I could go into what things I think but it’s your choice.

Interesting, I didn’t strike this as a game to use callouts.

Boi i am level 16 not leveling up cause i don’t want to overlevel i have nothing to do in this game this is keeping me playing

Lol im bored watched some csgo videos recently and i was like “hell why not.”

Fair enough. (CSGO is very fun)