Vesteria beta-1.4: A New Adventure | Update Notes

Note: this change log is still being updated as new content rolls out and is unfinished.

Vesteria beta-1.4: New Adventure Update

  • Vesteria’s biggest re-balancing update yet. Massive changes to monsters, stats, players and the world come together to create a more refined game.
  • New players are introduced to the world of Vesteria with a short cinematic cutscene and credits reel.
  • Existing players are strongly encouraged to try a fresh run with 1 new available save slot.

Monster Book

  • Collect idols from enemies to learn information about them in the Monster Book.
  • New loot drops can be unlocked from monsters by collecting their idols, including consumables and equipment.

Stat Overhaul

  • New Stat Perks are unlocked as you invest into Stats, granting unique bonuses and effects.
  • Defense formula has been changed to a negation formula instead of simple subtraction:
    (Previously: damage = attack - defense)
    (Now: damage = attack^2 / (attack + defense)
    This new formula eliminates a lot of the strange behaviors previously seen, such as your basic attack dealing 1 damage to an enemy while your ability attack deals hundreds.


:warning: Early demo. Limited to 10 players and contains bugs that will be ironed out soon

  • Start a Guild with 5 of your friends in the new Guild Registration Building in Port Fidelio
  • Founding a Guild requires 1 Gold, and a full party of players that are at least Level 10.
  • Chat with your guild members no matter where they are using the /guild command
  • Guild names are unique and display under your character’s username.

New Warrior Kit

  • Slash fast and hard with the new Quick Strike ability. This cheap and low-cooldown ability replaces the previous Lunge Uppercut ability.
  • Upgrade your Basic Attack with the new Heavy Slash passive, building on the Double Slash Adventurer passive to create a powerful three-strike combo.

Movement Abilities

in order to give movement abilities special identities and ability to access unique area, these modifications were made to Shadow Step & Blink:

  • Shadow Step now launches you downwards if used in midair, making it a more combat-focused ability. This also allows us to create locations that can only be accessed by Blink
  • Blink now has a very short cast time and can no longer be used to jump upwards. Sprinting before blinking drastically increases the distance you can travel. The vertical was removed to allow for special locations that can only be accessed by Double Jump.

New Mob: Goblin Shaman

  • Spawns in new Goblin Village in Enchanted Forest
  • Special Ability: Spirit Dance boosts nearby Goblins

Monster Variants

  • Special variants of monsters can now spawn which may be higher level and give better rewards than the normal mob type.
  • Mob variants can have unique AI behavior and stats.
  • Currently added: Tough Baby Shroom (Lvl. 2, Mushtown) Poisened Shroom (Lvl. 6, Mushroom Grotto)

Map Revamps

  • Mushtown, Mushroom Grotto, Nilgarf sewers and the Colosseum have received massive overhauls.

Quality of Life

  • Mousing over an equipment will now display indicators which compare that equipment’s stat to an item you are currently wearing.
  • You can now preview a dye on an equipment before applying it.
  • NPCs can now display chat bubbles.
  • New NPC talking animation.
  • Taximan Dave is here to take you between cities, for a fee.
  • Use the /e chat command to play the following emotes: wave, point, sit, dance.
  • Money and etc item pickup notifications will now combine/stack and remain on your screen as long as you are actively picking up that item.
  • Mob/player nametags are now more visible at close range and fade out faster as you move away.
  • Enemies will no longer display a health bar until they are attacked; attacking an enemy increases the range at which you can view its nametag.
  • Mushrooms now visibly boing when you jump on them.
  • Shops now have names.
  • You can now hold down click to chain basic attacks.

Changes / Improvements

  • Cursed Scrolls now have a 50% chance to destroy your item on failure, instead of destroying your item every time they fail.
  • Your currently-equipped items are now accessible in The Orb enchantment menu
  • The Orb is now more expensive to use.
  • Added Ground Stomp special attack to Elder Shroom monster.
  • Added Poison Cloud special attack to Shroom monster.
  • Characters will no longer rotate to follow the mouse when a menu is open.
  • Guardians are now level 21. Health & damage have been adjusted.
  • New NPCs and gate animation in Warrior Stronghold.
  • Map improvements to Nilgarf, including a new area.
  • Colosseum arena rework, including a player-controllable gate.
  • UI refresh.
  • The Rough Ruth quest has been removed.
  • Snel Helm now requires level 18.
  • Holy Halo now requires level 15, VIT replaced with extra max HP.
  • Ratking bucket physical attack replaced with STR.
  • Colosseum items rebalanced.
  • The first part of Rubee Problem quest now requires you to collect a Rubee Eye instead of stingers.
  • Whale Tale now requires level 9 to begin. Dialogue revisions, start location slightly moved.
  • Family Gem quest now requires level 17, quest changes.
  • Nilgarf Sewers map rework.
  • Path to the Colosseum is extra snazzy now.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some scroll usage to break consumable items.
  • Fixed Giant Mob sounds being excessively loud.
  • Fixed the inventory being able to override the camera lock in cutscenes.
  • Fixed a bug causing Monster Lures to sometimes linger after their effects wear off.

New Items

wornboots strawhat steelsword ethyrpile2


At long last.

this update is going to be amazing

however off the bat there’s a lot of bugs that are evident, but i’m sure they’ll be fixed soon
hello beta 1.4!


I prefer the loud noise tho


Patch notes are back!!! Woooooo! Also, this update is a HUGE step in the right direction and definetely deserved a chipotle break. Triple slash and the new intro.
Also, does this make the dye guide useless?

Rip sqr without hunter

yay lol

Imma miss my blink being able to skip spiderings instantly :’(

Other than thatbyay guilds r out woohoo

haven’t talked in the forms in a while, but wicked update, especially the straw hat :slight_smile: gonna be hard to get since its a 0.5% chance to get

Boi w0t

the long awaited return of… patch notes

very cool patch notes you got there berezaa. They smell nice

The idols seem rare…


This is a great update! Very impressed.

I wonder why so many people thumbs downed the post though. Is it because Rangers were nerfed hard?

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I think they thumbs down cuz this update took forever

Holy crud! I remember you from when I started the forums! Where have you been!?

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I’ve been off and on every now and then to check up on the forums. Glad to see a familiar face around here!

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My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

I’ve been playing 1.4 for a bit, here are some of my observations & opinions so far.

    1. PVP is boring, even more so than before.
    1. Potions are now awful as you have to stand still to use them.
    1. Purple Potions are worse than fish now.
    1. The opening cutscene is too long and too boring.
    1. Granny Shumps’ dialogue hasn’t been updated to match the lack of ‘Blasted Orb’ on her lawn.
    1. Guilds seem like they were prematurely tacked onto this update.
    1. Taximan Dave is overpriced. Runes are better.
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Correct. Runes are more efficient in all methods, except you need to walk there. Dave is for lazy tourists that pay too much for things.

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