Vesteria Animated Stickman series

Hey, I’ve been working on a vesteria series for some months, I’ve been posting the episodes and some sneek peaks on the vesteria fan-art thread but I noticed it was actually non-sense cuz it was STICKMAN and they post FAN-ART there. Basically I decided to make a post for my series for those interested.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3: On-Going (will post in the replies when it’s going to come out)

Hope y’all will like the series, reply this post with theories or questions if y’all have any, see y’all!


This. Is. Epic.


These animations are really nice!Keep up the series

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The mage sure can punch, drop your bets, who do you think will win?

  • Hunter will win
  • Mage will win
  • Someone will stop the fight
  • One of them will escape

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I No Big Dumb ;3 I Know A New Character Will Stop 'Em
eDiT: Must Be A Full Str Mage : D

how did he pull out that big bomb at the episode 2? :thinking:

Piercing Sonic Bomb : D

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let’s say someone gives up, who do you think it will be?

  • hunter will give up
  • mage will give up

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neither, they keep on fighting’

correct, they’ll both keep fighting forever

Wow, this is really cool! Keep up the great work.

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can i flag your post to see what you said :>

do at your own risk

no thx then :sweat_smile:


xD you cant even see what it says :man_facepalming:

apparently this post is hidden and sent to off-topic. People consider it off-topic when it’s litterally a vesteria animation but in a stickman style.

all good, the post is still in the general discussion. I don’t know if it’s hidden or anything like that but anyway. I’ll finish an art I’m doing and I’ll keep going with the ep 3 (also thanks for the support ;)).

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Dang, pretty good. Now I’m questioning on trying animating.

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call the bully hunters, someones abusing beats