Vesteria, a Summary: Bugs, awaited Features, and Balancing

Changes to Come

We all know it by now. There’s much to be done, and that’s not an understatement. From my experiences, and from those of many others, Vesteria is quite riddled with bugs and balancing issues, and is missing plenty of promised content. In this post, I’ll go over every single bug, issue with balancing, missing feature, and suggestion made for Vesteria and give my opinions on them to help with the development process. I’ll provide my own opinion about how fixing certain issues could be done and provide what I believe should be prioritized before other things. If I miss anything, please reply with it.

Consider this a megathread if you will, for posts about bugs, suggestions, and balancing. I won’t rant from here on, and please be civilized in the replies. The primary purpose of this post, however, is to provide a more easily understood roadmap of changes that should happen to Vesteria (yes, this is targeted at Berezaa and the others).

Final disclaimer, remember these are my opinions and they will have bias.

Spiders aren’t insects but here’s some bugs

Vesteria has quite a few bugs. Heck, just search on the forums and there’s a bunch. I’ll do my best here to list as many bugs as possible, and try to link them to their source post. If there is no post, I’ll report them as original. I’ll also detail how important it is the bug gets fixed, since some are worse than others.


Priority list: Visual, Minor, Moderate, Major

Visual Glitches

  • Glowing Items that aren’t yours.
  • Reduced shop prices from Charismatic don’t display (still works though).
  • Dye gets glitchy on certain items, like Moglo Mask and Spider Crown.
  • Status effects randomly disappear.
  • Out-of-body Glitch has something to do with “ghost” players that aren’t actual players.
  • Travelling almost always says you’re going to Mushtown with Mushroom Forest background.
  • Exact Mushcoin balance doesn’t show.
  • Pressing Interact can return camera control from a part where it’s forced (e.g. cutscenes).
  • Weapon trails are a bit small, especially on Warrior weapons.
  • Drinking animation for items that aren’t food/drink.
  • Stat perks don’t play a sound.
  • Level doesn’t display properly in Testing Realm.
  • Negative stats don’t do the [++] thing properly (@Arcwaysis)

Minor Glitches

  • Portals break if you try to go through them right after joining the game.
  • Magic Missile can’t target.
  • Trading doesn’t go through if either players collect an item during countdown.
  • Hearth doesnt work, but no one uses it anyways.
  • Fast Hands doesn’t work.
  • Leaving Shroompocalypse teleports you to Enchanted Forest.
  • Fishing doesn’t work at all.
  • You use stamina while holding shift even if not moving.
  • You can inspect yourself.
  • Many skills can free you from movement locking (e.g. cutscenes, NPC blocking you from moving).
  • Guardian Explosion deals no damage.
  • Players leaving parties via taximan, runes or death still show up in party.
  • Greedy gives 14% instead of 15%.
  • Bowstring visible during Shadow Walk.

Moderate Glitches

Major Glitches

Remember, make sure to correct me if there are any bugs that I missed, or if any had been fixed. If there’s a post for a bug that I already have here but didn’t include the link to, post it and I’ll add the link.

Not added yet? Here it is!

Another thing Vesteria has plenty of is yet-to-be-added features. I’ll list them here, along with possible suggestions to implement them if there’s trouble with that. The priorities here are made by me and follow my beliefs on how important they are.

Missing Content

Priority list: It can wait, it should be worked on, URGENT ADDITION

It could wait, but it’d be nice.

  • Storage Upgrades!
  • Boundary Keeper!
  • Gamepasses!
  • Rubee Stinger (Sword)!
  • Batty Dagger!
  • Tier 2 Colosseum Weapons!
  • Professions!
  • Guild Wars and Guild Territories!
  • Badlands!
  • Dungeon Keys!
  • Colosseum PvE rework

Hey, this could use some more work right now.

  • Guild stash and upgrades (if it’s difficult to add, have you tried storing Guild data outside of Roblox entirely and instead load it from an external data storage? Is this possible?)!
  • April Fools event!
  • Healing giving EXP!
  • Colosseum Bow!


  • Ravager Vest Perk (Hunters love stamina, maybe give them some more with this?)!
  • Whispering Dunes!
  • Ranger Stance auto-attack!

There’s plenty more that hasn’t been teased, make sure to reply with the stuff I missed!

My Personal Suggestions

Of course, this can’t be a biased post unless it has my own content in it. Here’s my ideas on how to improve Vesteria.

My Suggestions
  • Allow stack splitting (in half, rather than 1 at a time) by right-clicking a stack like in Minecraft.
  • Guild upgrades, please! I’m begging and I want them so badly but I can’t have them
  • Change Prayer of Comfort from 6-12 HP/second to 0.4-0.8% player’s max HP per second.
  • Restore full automatic attacking, there’s honestly little good reason to have manual attack.
  • Nerf Hail of Arrows damage per tick, overall it deals insane DPS right now.
  • If Clerics are going to have roughly equal DPS as most other classes, it shouldn’t be able to as easily heal during combat; perhaps require that a Cleric not be hit for 2-3 seconds before healing.
  • Tanking as a Knight should give some EXP, but not much (same with healing as Cleric/Paladin)
  • Perhaps replace Hearth with something more people would use, e.g. maybe +3 HP per level (so at level 30 you’d get 90 bonus HP, 150 at level 50).
  • Having pages in Storage rather than scrolling could better optimize it (having too many items lags you) and would make adding upgrades much easier, since it could instead be added by pages.
  • Use older Level Suppression and Permadeath ideas in the Death Penalty.
  • Don’t lock level changing in Testing Realm, instead just require you reset stats and skills before changing levels, so you could downgrade without fully resetting, and being able to do, for example, level 45 to 50 rather than 45 to 10 to 30 to 50 and then re-applying all stats and skills.
  • Buff Moko Maul.
  • Buff Tuaa Staff or Nerf Webbed Staff or tomes are cool too, credit to @Alecazam.
  • It’s very easy to access Nilgarf early; you can walk right past the guard or climb the walls.

If I think up anything more, I’ll add it here.

Community Suggestions

I’ll take the extra step and allow you guys to also add suggestions! If it won’t fit in the first two categories (bugs or missed additions) and I like it I’ll add it here! Just know my standards are pretty high…

Community Suggestions

Nothing Yet!

I’ll make sure to credit you if I add something of yours here.

Finally over…

I hope you guys enjoy this post; although it may not actually add much to the forums per say, I hope it better becomes a medium for people to add their own opinions and ideas without needing to make a new topic if it doesn’t have enough support. Topics get shot down if they don’t have enough reasoning and evidence, so this is the perfect area to simply make a suggestion and see what others think.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys find some inspiration here!


When you use a buff skill the buff cooldown doesn’t show correctly, same occurance happening with other skills too at times. Some of these bugs were fixed in the bug fixes released by david yesterday like the 55% loss one. Otherwise all of these bugs are already known by the devs and they are handling them one by one while releasing new content.

Good c:

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Personally don’t think gamespasses should be in an rpg game but I agree with the rest.

Gamepasses were already confirmed. The second section is a list of things already confirmed by the developers but not yet added.

By default the Interact Key is bound to C. I know I’m nit picking but I just felt the need to say this

Also theres a visual bug where the game thinks that a negative stat with a lower negative is better than a higher negative.
i.e. Wearing the Ratking Bucket and hovering over the Moglo/Mogloko Mask It says that -4 INT [++] or, the Snel Helm where it says that the -4 DEX [++]

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Alright, I’ll edit both of those in once I have computer access.

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le epic

Added! Remember guys I’ll add any bug or suggestion to this post if I like it.

Yea I know but it’s just that gamepasses doesn’t feel right in rpg games where you should grind for stuff

Can't open warrior skill book this one bcus of skill changes and no reset

Add my Colosseum Boss suggestion please, ty. @JonnoTheGamer
It is Time, fellow Vesterians

I don’t think inspecting yourself is a giltch, don’t you need it for leaving parties?

Pretty sure this was already confirmed, so I put it in the yet-to-be-added section.

Thanks, no problem.