Vesterhunger game (part 1)

My Roblox name is ptanomon. Warning: This is still in early development if I wrote something wrong please message me so I can fix it. any other fix will be fixed later if nobody messages me Feel free to message me if you have any request. Also, I will try to write more frequently if I can. ALL THE CHAPTER WILL BE IN THIS FORUM THERE MIGHT BE A PART 2(Part 2 will be in another forum). some chapters I write will be long but other chapters may be short. If the story is bad please explain why and iw ill try to fix it, it does not matter how much problem there is as long as I can fix it Some people with name are real people and has granted permission for me to include them in the forum, also not all the stuff I say about the real people are true. THE power levels in game do not scale with actual game) Next big fix: Next, next week if there is still some problem

CHAPTER 1-The hunt begin

It was the late-night a man name Ecoah just finished his job on selling weapon to some pro player at port Fidelio and was about to hop in a sailboat to return home when he was knocked out by a mysterious man(there was not a lot of people at port Fidelio at night).by the time Ecoah woke up he saw himself trap in a room full of thick rustly metal wall and a door behind a guard that was looking at him. he asks the guard "where am I? " the guard did not answer. A minute later a metal door slides open behind the guard and a small elevator came down. The guard told Ecoah to step in the elevator and so Ecoah went in and the elevator when up. after a few seconds the elevator finally reaches the top, Echoah saw 100 people including himself forming a circle and everybody was a trap in a glass. a minute later a loud sound appeared out of nowhere said “Welcome to the Hunger game! the way this game work is simple!. You kill or be killed. all most all the map that is on vesteria is here. There is only 1 winner…” End of Chapter 1


After the speaker finished saying the rule Ecoah saw a bunch of weapons lying in the middle of the circle. The speaker said,” THREE TWO ONE.” and the glass that was traping everybody was launched to the air like an escape pod. Because Ecoah mastered the skill of running very fast for a long time, he was able to get the weapon first, he chose a Webbed Staff and was able to teleport very far away from the other people so he could hide. After hiding from everybody he did not know how to use the Webbed staff properly other than using it to teleport, so he taught himself how to use it. minutes later he realized he could heal people with the Webbed staff. Later Ecoah found out that because there were some people killed during the start, there was some weapon leftover so Ecoah decides to pick up the Spider Fang Dagger and he teleports back to his hideout again. because Ecoa specializes in melee weapon no matter what shape it in he could still kill a player with the Dagger. an hour later after training Ecoah has mastered the Webbed staff but one problem Ecoah was having now is hunger and so he was weak and decide to sleep to gain some energy for food tomorrow….END OF CHAPTER 2


It is day two since Ecoah arrives in the hunger game, as Ecoah try to walk he found a tunnel that leads him to mush town and so Ecoah walk, by the time Ecoah was almost there an arrow appeared out of nowhere injuring his right leg. Ecoah said, “I DON’T WANT TO DIE HERE I MUST KEEP GOING”. As more arrow appeared and miss Ecoah was able to reach the tunnel. A minute after Ecoah arrived and he saw innocent people walking around. Ecoah realizes that if they don’t hide they will be killed by another player. Ecoah tried to tell everybody “Guys people are coming here and they will surely kill you so go hide before they come!” but nobody cared. then Ecoah realized that his friend George was there and was the protector of this town. Ecoah quickly ran to the farm that George usually stays at and told him to tell everybody that a group of bad people will come here. And so George told everybody to hide and so everybody run because the town is big they had to be careful and hide in a good place, Ecoah told George that he is injured and hungry and because of that if a player comes to attack he won’t be able to help because of how tired and injured he is. And so George gave Ecoah some Mighty Sub and some potion, after helping out Ecoah Ecoah told George to hide with him so he can be protected. 30 seconds later 4 players appeared together searching for supply and stole everything they could find, one of the players found an innocent teen girl and Ecoah quickly jump out of his hiding spot and said “NO!” one of the players said “oh…that your girl? Come get it then” and then the other three said, “BOSS CAN WE KILL HIM?” Ecoah said “oh is that your boss?” the Boss nodded and said, “you can kill him, show him no mercy”…END OF CHAPTER 3

CHAPTER 4- A new hero appeared

As Ecoas equip his Webbed staff he saw that none of them had armor but fancy cloth but the boss is heavily equipped with a moglo mask and ratty vest and only had a rusty sword in his hand. Once Ecoah saw that. He used the Magic bomb and teleported behind them and equipped the Spider Fang Dagger killing one of their own members and poisoning the other 2. Ecoah dash toward their boss slashing their boss both hands and stabbing through the boss poisoning the boss’s whole body killing him quickly. “BOSS!” said the other 2 trying to clean off the poison and running toward the exit. “Oh no, you’re not getting away!” said Ecoah running toward them. But it was too late, the 2 men got away. Later Ecoah told everybody that it is now safe to come out, later George awarded Ecoah with a badge “hero of the town”. But Ecoah rejects the badge and decide to leave the town and continue exploring. After Ecoah got out of the village he realized that it was night and Mushroom monster was surrounding the area. Ecoah decided to find another hiding spot so he could hide from the monster. ……END OF CHAPTER 4

CHAPTER 5- A new friend

It is DAY 3 as Ecoah woke up from his hiding spot and a sound appeared out of nowhere again saying “ONLY 70 PLAYER LEFT!. MUSH TOWN IS NOW SHUT DOWN. ANYBODY WHO tries TO GET IN WILL BE POISONED BY A VERY POWERFUL GAS”. and so the speaker went silent. As Ecoah walks through the wood finding material and stubborn upon an injured man. Ecoah quickly pulled out his Spider Fang Dagger and was about to kill him when the man yelled: “WAIT!”. Ecoah put his Dagger down (Ecoah forgot about the kill or be killed) since he was also injured and could not attack back, Ecoah said “my name is Ecoah. What your name?” the man said” my name is superwiz, I was with a gang of berserker when one night I went out alone to buy some potion when I was knocked out by somebody” Ecoah said “I was also knock out, but I saw a man but his face was covered with the mask” “Ecoah, wanna team up and work together?” Ecoah replied “sure”. As Ecoah gave superwiz mighty sub to eat and heal himself up. After healing himself up they both walk through the forest together…END OF CHAPTER 5

CHAPTER 6- Death is always near

It is day 4, Ecoah and superwiz woke up in horror seeing all of their food and supply are gone, “luckily weapons are still here” said Ecoah. Superwiz asks “but now how are we gonna survive?” “follow me I know somewhere that could help us,” said Ecoah. As they walk up the tunnel that leads them to redwood pass. Minutes later they arrive in redwood pass seeing the destroyed guardian. “Somebody has come here already “ superwiz whispers. “Don’t worry the place we are going has strong people that protect the castle” “castle?” superwiz asks “yes, now follow me” said Ecoah. As they took the long path they saw a wooden chest laying on the ground near the bridge. “Let’s take a look at the chest,” said Ecoah and so they went toward the chest and opened it, inside was a shield and two royal fangs. Superwiz took the shield and the royal fang, Ecoah took the royal fang and fit it inside his pocket for putting knives. They continued walking. 2 minutes later they arrive “Finally! We arrive at the warrior stronghold ''wait- this is where I came from this is where I lived! Finally, I can go home now. ‘’ You can’t superwiz. Remember the poison?” said Ecoah “oh….” said superwiz. “But don’t worry because the smoke has not reached this place yet, we can go in and just as they were about to go in. they saw 10 people coming for them “WE BETTER RUN THE STRONGHOLD CAN HELP US AFTER WE GO THERE” yelled Ecoah, and they rushed in. Second, later they quickly arrive in the warrior stronghold.” the path to the gate is very long, we won’t make it!” yelled superwiz “don’t worry I got what we need” said Ecoah equipping his Webbed staff and using the teleportation to teleport them to the gate. The soldier was shocked after seeing them appear out of nowhere and pulling out their sword. “IT IS ME SUPERWIZ” yelled superwiz. The soldier then calmed down then told the people to open the gate. super wiz told them to get ready for a fight because there are people coming to attack us. And so the front gate guard told all the guards to get information. Luckily just after everybody got into formation and the gate was close and the 10 people that got here saw us and with the guard. “DON’T WORRY GUYS WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN THEM, CHARGE!!” as one of the people yelled. At first, when the guard heard them saying that they are stronger than them, the guard giggled but because they were far from the guard they could not see them clearly until they got close. The guard saw those 1o people wearing strong and heavy armor and was shocked. A guard yelled “ARCHER! FIRE!” and a big group of arrows flew past the castle and hit them injuring only one player. “We need to help them,” said Ecoah, but Superwiz was gone. Ecoah had no choice but to help the guard defend. As superwiz was running toward the main room of the castle to find his friend of a warrior he accidentally slips while walking up the stair and falls injuring his both knees making him walk slower. As he opened the door he saw their 3 friend training. Superwiz yelled “MY FRIEND COME HELP!” as the 3 warriors quickly stand up in shock “superwiz? is that you?” “yes it is me but we got no time to talk, right now the castle is being attacked and we need help. The 3 friends agreed and went out with superwiz. Just when they are about to go to fight the speaker said “ALL THE CAVE THAT FROM REDWOOD PASS WILL BE POISONED IN 10 MINUTE! THE REDWOOD PASS WILL BE POISON TO” “OH NO WE HAVE TO HURRY! Said Ecoah as he turns around seeing superwiz and his friend walking toward the gate getting ready to fight. Ecoah quickly runs toward superwiz and catches him. Ecoah uses his Webbed staff to teleport them near the exit gate “wait! We have to save my friend!” said superwiz “superwiz…we won’t take the risk”. As they ran toward the tunnel one of the enemy teammates saw them and told their people to go toward the tunnel. Second, later Ecoah and superwiz arrive at redwood and Ecoah told superwiz to hang tight, Ecoah uses the Webbed Staff and teleport them to the exit gate, “I call that teleportation magic Blink because it as if your teleport the time your blink” and so they quickly exit the front gate. The other 10 people rush toward the gate but just before they could escape from redwood, poison starts filling the air and the 10 people are left dead in Redwood. a minute later Ecoah and superwiz got out of Redwood just in time, the speaker announces “REDWOOD HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN!” “just in time” Ecoah said breathing heavily. “Now that we escape let head to Nigarf for a better tool, I have very good weapons there….END OF CHAPTER 6

CHAPTER 7- Act fast or die (i think this chapter is a bad one)

As they went out superwiz ask “I forgot to ask your this but…do your know what place is this?” “I don’t know, this looks like the mushroom forest but a big circle in the middle and a bunch of tunnels the lead you to a place,” Ecoah replied. A few hours later they got to nilgarf and heard the speaker saying “ NILGARF WILL BE SHUT DOWN IN 50 SECOND!” “oh no, we don’t have enough time to get the weapon!” Ecoah said “maybe we can,” said superwiz. As Ecoah rush through the town with his speed, he finally got the weapon. But saw enemy spawn camping the bank and so Ecoah uses his Blink magic and got past them. They heard a sound behind them and saw Ecoah so they rushed toward Ecoah but it was too late Ecoah was gone in a Blink second. The enemy was confused and decided to run toward the exit while the countdown was about to end Ecoah then teleports in front of superwiz “RUN WE DON’T HAVE THE TIME RIGHT NOW RUN!” Ecoah yelled. And they got away. A minute later they got out unharmed. “What did you get?” superwiz ask. “Only 1 Moko Dagger,” Ecoah said “let’s save the Moko Dagger for when we really need it,” superwiz said, “let’s make a base where we can rest. It’s night now “ “I got some wood from killing the tree monster while we were going to Redwood castle.” superwiz said. As they built a mini base where it was covered in bush and could withstand arrow, both of them knew that the closer the zone that closes the more dangerous it gets for them. But what they did not know is that there is only one winner…. END OF CHAPTER 7

CHAPTER 8- The cursed scroll

It was day three, Ecoah and superwiz woke up and found a scroll near them. Ecoah picked up the scroll and the said: “whoever uses this scroll has a high chance of dying, 50% of the chance that this will make your stronger 1% of your having 100000 Heath and 1000000000000 Damage per hit.” Ecoah said, “I am not sure if I want to take this risk.” “I will do it.” superwiz said, “if I die then….here is my last word: BERSERKER GANG ON TOP!” superwiz start reading the magic word and then a bright light appeared Ecoah reach out to see superwiz, Ecoah saw him injured and was about to die.” Berserker gang on top….” superwiz said. Ecoah then forgot about his Webbed staff, he puled ut his webbed staff than used the magic power that brought superwiz back to life “THANKS! YOU SAVE MY LIFE!” superwiz yelled in happiness. Ecoah knew that if he continues to dual wide he will get weaker because of how much energy he had to use so Ecoah decides to throw away the Webbed staff and use the Spider Fang….END OF CHAPTER 8


Superwiz and Ecoah arrive in the whispering dune seeing nothing but sand flying in the air “I’ve never been here before have you?” Ecoah asked “I have but just once but luckily I have a map”superwiz said.”Alright……so we are now at the entrance and we want to go to a place called Outpost. Now we just keep walking straight and we should be there. Also, Ecoah don’t run, it’s pretty hot when it’s day time and You could die here so be careful”. Ecoah and superwiz walk forward. After a long walk Ecoah spotted a wooden chest,superwiz opened the chest and saw nothing but gold.” right now I am sure that gold is useless but let’s take it just in case” superwiz said Ecoah and superwiz shared the gold and they continued walking. It is midnight and they arrive at the Outpost “finally,hard work always pays off!” Ecoah said sweating. “Strange. I see a door left open ,I think there is also somebody here.” superwiz said, “let go check it out if there is anybody here, i wanna sleep” Ecoah said tiredly “good idea let go and check it out so we can rest” superwiz said quietly. Ecoah took out his Spider Dagger and superwiz took out his Royal fang and so they slowly walk in the opened door….END OF CHAPTER 9

CHAPTER 10- 2 lucky?
They walk in the house scared,” who is there?” Ecoah yelled, nobody answered superwiz said “make sure you’re ready, they must be tricking us” Ecoah pulled out his Spider Dagger and rushed into the building. “A chicken?” Ecoah said ,superwiz said “huh? How did a chicken open the doo-” “SUPERWIZ!” Ecoah yelled. Superwiz fell onto the ground and an Enemy heavily equipped with a shield and a Royal Fang. “don’t touch my chicken” the enemy said with a deep and scary voice “you may have better stuff than us but we may be stronger than you!” Ecoah yelled. “Quick get up superwiz we are gonna kill him,” Ecoah told superwiz. “You guys picked the wrong opponent to mess with,” the enemy said. Ecoah ran toward the enemy trying to penetrate through the enemy suit, but instead the spider Fang Dagger broke. “Your weapon broke. My turn” The enemy ram Ecoah with the shield knocking him unconscious superwiz got up and tried to stab the enemy, but this time the Royal Fang was strong enough to stab through the heavy armor “that it!” superwiz yelled. Ecoah then woke up after a few mins and saw superwiz trying to kill the enemy, “superwiz! Hand me the Dagger!”Superwiz threw the dagger toward Ecoah, Ecoah caught the Dagger and said “thanks!” and Ecoah quickly sliced through the enemy, You can’t defeat me! I have almost 100 healing potions.” the enemy said. Ecoah did not believe it and so he decides to stab through the enemy heart, the enemy tries to attack back but Ecoah was to fast for the enemy to hit him, Ecoah stab keep stabbing and stabbing until the enemy did not have enough power to heal himself and because of how injured he is, the enemy uses his last power and use the Spider Leg Bow and shot though Ecoah body, the enemy later than died from losing to much blood. By the time they got out, it was day time, but they decide to rest instead….END OF CHAPTER 10


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Chapter 1: the hunt begin


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