[Version 2.1.6] Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests)

The golden chest is the one at the bottom of the spider cave pit.

Ooooo I can get that what is in it

A great scroll.

You missed two chests in The Clearing.

One is directly under the bridge hidden in a rock

to get the second, turn right from the first chest until you see a little pocket in the water.


ok this is epic

@Bean602 make this a wiki topic

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Alright so im gonna do this again just bcuz i’m bored… Should I add in pictures of how to get the chests and stuff… Probly If I do I will make it a separate topic. (or multiple topics and link them… :thinking:)

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Well I personally was able to find some chests I missed just based on the short description. I don’t think the chests are put in difficult enough places to require pictures.

Glad to hear my descriptions are working then!

Oh and uh also in case somebody doesn’t realise, The guide is now updated for Patch 1.1.1(.5)!
(the .5 is not official lol)

The bluesteel chest in nilgarf also has 3 dexterity potions

huhhhhh… I didnt get that…?

I did? maybe he added the potions in an update idk
but I remember getting 10 rockfish + 3 dex potions from that chest

like da topic B)

Sorry for necro posting but this is helpful

Actually this is a guide so it doesn’t matter if you necropost I don’t think, helps more people see it.
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