[Version 2.1.6] Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests)

Hello there, this is a guide to all of the known chests found in Vesteria Alpha and the Vesteria Demo. So, here’s a spoiler alert I guess, now lets get down to it.

(I will go through this again every now and then (most-likely every update, unless I feel lazy) and add in new chests and update information about chests already posted. I also might add images at some point if you guys want.)

It would also be extremely helpful if anybody that has more information that isn’t already posted or any other chests that I haven’t found yet would please tell me about such things down below.

Video Guide(s) made by @HarryIsBeast :heart:

Wooden Chest - image

A simple Wooden Chest that gives contents based on its level. They can be opened every 24 hours.

Bluesteel Chest - image

A rarer chest that can give a lot of silver and uncommon consumables such as scrolls, fish, and even bananas! They can only be opened once per save.

Golden Chest - image

An extremely rare chest that gives unique/special items! They can only be opened once per save.

Note: unless otherwise stated in the entry, the chest is wooden.

Vesteria Alpha Demo

Note: As of April 27, 2019, the Demo has been closed due to it not representing the gameplay well according to berezaa, so these chests are no longer possible to obtain. :sob:

  1. Near the campfire where you spawn.

  2. Behind The Shopkeeper in front of a potion stand.

  3. On the Bridge.

  4. Under the Bridge on the right side when facing away from the unusable entrance to the Mushroom Forest.

  5. Inside of the treehouse near where you respawn if you die.

  6. If you go all the way to the back-right portion of the map when you are facing the front of the bridge with the two guards on it, there is a cave with a chest inside of it.

  1. When you spawn for the first time there is a house in front of you. Behind that house is a chest.

  2. If you follow the path when you first spawn and turn left before you go inside the tunnel up to the top of the hill, you can see a tree with a lantern and some Barrels and crates near it. In a hole in the ground next to that tree there is a chest.

  3. Bluesteel Chest! In the heart of Mushtown (The area near the shopkeeper), in a small cave hidden under a wooden platform that is connected to a pink house. Contents: Wood Sword (it comes with a +5 dmg and +1 Str bonus already on it, but -1 scrolling slot. This is equivalent to an ancient or great scroll on that sword. (I think)(which is pretty good))

  4. Behind and slightly to the left of Rough Ruth (the npc with a yellow shirt and brown pants) when you are facing directly towards him, on top of the wall.

  5. Inside a brown house that is to The Oracle’s left.

  6. If you follow the path to the right of the purple tent near the heart of Mushtown, you will see a tower. If you jump on the big mushroom in the right place you will be launched onto the tower where the chest is.

  7. Under the little bridge that crosses the river.

  8. Under the pier on the lake. Simply sit on the end of the pier and then get up and you should find it.

  9. Way behind the town out where it looks like there is nothing there, there is a little cave with a white flower and a tree near it that has a chest in it. (I think this one was the hardest to find in Mushtown lol.)

  10. Bluesteel Chest! Once you cross the bridge in front of Mushtown, follow the path to the Mushroom forest until you see three small-ish mushrooms growing on a wall. if you can jump on these correctly you will make it up to a cave with a chest inside of it. Contents: 1 Dexterity Potion

If you really just *cannot* make it up those mushrooms

you can also just walk up the cliff if u go a bit further to the left. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

11&12. In the Heart of Mushtown there is a green house. On the back side of the house with a brown roof next to the green house there is a door that leads to a cellar with two chests inside.

Mushroom Forest

1&2. As soon as you enter the Mushroom Forest from Mushtown, follow the path until you see a large fallen tree laying on a hill. On the other side of that hill is a decent sized cave with two chests inside.

  1. GOLDEN CHEST!! - Contents: Mushroom Hat! If you follow the path heading from Mushtown to The Clearing you should eventually see a big orange mushroom with a few smaller mushrooms around it. Go near it and look up. You should see a treehouse on a tree to the right. Jump onto the dark purplish-pinkish mushroom and then onto the orange mushroom, and try and go straight up. It helps if you sprint while in the air above the treehouse. Go inside the treehouse and there is a Golden Chest. (This one is one of the most annoying chests to get out of all the ones that are currently in the game… (unless you practice a lot)) The Mushroom Hat gives a +5 jump bonus and a +3 Defense bonus. Here is a link for if you need a better explanation of how to get the Mushroom Hat than I can give you: Need help obtaining the mushroom hat? Here is a guide to get it! (Props to Glydewell for the great guide!)

  2. Bluesteel Chest! Facing the entrance to The Clearing from the Mushroom Forest, walk left a bit and you should see a strange looking pillar of terrain with a fallen tree and a large mushroom beneath it. If you can jump onto the mushroom in the correct position you will launch on top of the terrain pillar and there is a chest. Contents: 5 Mighty Subs, 10 Muffins, and 3 Silver Mushcoins.

  3. Behind and to the left of the giant orange mushroom you use to get chest #2, there is a large fallen down tree. At the furthest end of it there is a chest.

  4. Off to the left a little along the path leading to The Clearing, there is a little camp with a broken down looking wagon, and behind that wagon there is another chest.

  5. Near the Mushroom Grotto is another chest that is just sitting next to a tree.

  6. Underwater beneath a fallen tree that is bridging a river along the path.

The Clearing
  1. Inside of the purple tent at the camp in front of the bridge.

  2. Under the bridge if u go between two of the rocks and jump up there is a chest in an indent on the wall.

  3. Underwater in the middle of the lake.

  4. On top of the bridge.

  5. Behind a tree at the end of the trail that leads to Seaside Path.

  1. Bluesteel Chest! As soon as you enter Nilgarf from The Clearing, turn right. there is a Bluesteel Chest on a balcony 2-3 stories above you. Follow the path to the right and go inside the first building with an open door. Go all the way to the top floor of the building and exit. You will be on another balcony, turn left and jump onto the roof of some buildings and go to the balcony with the chest on it. Contents: 10 Rockfish and 3 Dexterity Potions

  2. There is a chest above the shop, jump on some barrels beside the shop to get up to it.

  3. There is a bank looking thing right next to the entrance to Seaside Shore, and on top of it there is some sort of crane/pulley mechanism. A platform with a chest is hanging down from that machine.

  4. When you are facing the entrance to Seaside Path, turn left. The first house that you see has a chest on top of it. Climb up a rock and jump onto some tree branches to reach it.

  5. Coming from The Clearing entrance, turn left immediately, go across the bridge and you will see a building with an open door. Next to that building behind a little wooden fence is a chest.

  6. Coming from The Farmlands entrance, turn right and jump behind a red wall to find another chest.

  7. If you go a little bit past the red wall at chest #6 theres a path through some buildings that leads to a chest.

  8. Under the bridge leading from the shop to the bank area there is another chest.

  9. On top of the tower near the bridge for chest #8 there is another chest.

  10. Underwater beneath the three rightmost faction banners near the faction representatives.

  11. If you turn to the right through the wooden fence before the tailor’s shop coming from The Clearing’s entrance, then turn right again and go past the pile of straw, there is another chest.

  12. Behind the red tent that is near the entrance to Vincent’s house.

  13. To the right when facing the entrance to The Clearing there is a little door in the wall, if you go inside and follow the path there is a chest under the stairs at the end.

14&15. If you go up the stairs in chest #13 and out the door, around the front side of the buildings there are two more chests on the ground.

  1. Under the bridge that leads back into Nilgarf, there is an under-water maze of sorts. If you enter from the entrance under the bridge, take the first left, turn right at the intersection, and then take the next left and jump up to get the chest.

  2. There is a chest up in a tree in front of the bridge leading from/to the Enchanted Forest. to get to it jump up on the light green tree beside a blue tent, jump onto the tree branch, make your way over to the branch to the right when your facing the trunk, go on one of the branched that is sticking out of it, and jump up to the chest. If you’re a mage you have to use blink to get to the chest, if you are a warrior or hunter you can double jump or super jump up to the top probably.

  3. Next to the dead tree with a chest in it, there is a stream of water with a wall next to it. Underground at the end of the stream is a chest.

Nilgarf Sewers
  1. In the passage that has the exit to Seaside Path at the end of it there is a room with somebody called “The Ratking”, go behind the wooden wall that is behind him and there is a chest.

  2. To the right of The Beggar is a large pipe with a chest at the bottom of it.

  3. Coming into the room where the Ratties mainly are, up the back left wall there is a kind-of crack looking thing with a chest in the far end

  4. In the same area where Ratties spawn along the far wall is a hole, and inside the hole on top of a pile is another chest.

Note: You may want the lantern for these next few chests. If you don’t already now how to get it, you can click here for a guide to learn how. (Leave a like on the guide too :wink:)

  1. In the same hole in the wall as chest #4 if you go down it and follow the path to the right there is another chest along the wall.

  2. Following the same path as chest #5 go straight at the first intersection, left at the next, left again, and then keep going straight and at the end of the path there is another chest.

  3. Bluesteel Chest! - Contents: 1 Ancient Dex Scroll, 5 Bananas, and 10 Silver Mushcoins. First go to the Ratty spawn area, then go inside of the jail looking area that is in the left wall, after that go inside of the left cell and go down the hole (x2). At the first intersection go straight, at the next intersection go left, then keep going straight until u run into a gate with a hole under it’s left side, then go forward and go up the pile of dirt as high as you can and you should see a hole in the ceiling, parkour up it and you should be in a tunnel with another hole in the ceiling, do the same and at the top is the Bluesteel chest.

Seaside Path
  1. When you enter Seaside Path from the Farmlands, go straight (don’t follow the path) and up the first hill you see. There is a small hole in the top of the hill with a chest inside.

  2. There is an island out in the water (or else it wouldn’t be an island, duh) and there is a rock sticking above the surface of the water attached to the island. On the opposite side of the island there is a rock under water. There is a small hole under this rock that leads to a small cave with a chest inside.

Crabby Den
  1. GOLDEN CHEST - GIVES OLD FISHING ROD! Inside a cave that is behind a large pink (I think its pink anyways) shell on the floor.
Scallop Shores
  1. Coming from The Colosseum, go straight down the path until you see a large rock to the right, near that rock there is a large hill with lighter coloured grass. Go on top of that hill and there is a chest.

  2. If you jump down from chest #1 there is a cave behind you with a chest inside.

  3. If you go up the stairs on the wooden wall and left a bit there is another chest.

  4. Out on the island to the right, behind the shack there is another chest.

  5. Coming from Seaside Shore, Follow the path across the bridge to a split in the path, take the path to the left and follow it until you come to two rowboats, then inside of the hill to your right there is a cannon with a chest near it. (also a campfire and two delicious chairs :wink: )

  6. Also coming from Seaside Shore, you can see a ship out on the water to your left. Underwater below that ship is another chest.

  7. Coming from Port Fidelio, turn right and go down the path with a cannon at then end. If you continue forward past the cannon and jump off the mountain, there is a chest underwater.

  8. If you go in the cannon near chest #5 that should take you to another cannon. next to that cannon is a red shell with a chest.

  9. GOLDEN CHEST!! - Contents: Blessed Rubee Halo! To get this chest you have to complete the quest you receive on the island in scallop shores that talks about blowing up the rubee nests. Behind the final honeycomb in the cutscene there is a hole with the golden chest inside it.

Port Fidelio

View video guide here.

  1. Under a large white bridge.

  2. On Captain Varlic’s ship there is another chest. (The ship with green sails.)

  3. Beneath Captain Varlic’s ship there is a U-Bend kind-of thing underwater close to the ground with a chest inside it.

  4. Atop of the lonely mountain there is a little platform with a chest and a cannon.

  5. On top of the roof of the building with the mega cannon. (Building also has like a big white arch thingie on top of it)

  6. Behind the bar with the merchant that sells muffins.

  7. If you’re facing the bar tender, turn around and walk forward and to the left along the path, at the fork in the road a short ways away take the right path and you will see a white building with a reddish tarp above it in front of you, on top of the smaller part of that building is a chest.

  8. If you climb up the mountain that is behind the building that the bartender is looking at there is another chest on top.

9&10. If you have done the “A Whale Tale” quest you can also get 2 chests up in the Evil Scientist’s Lair. (As long as you didn’t lose the key)

The Colosseum

1&2. under the stairs you go up to get in the main entrance to collo

  1. When coming up the stairs above chests 1 & 2, turn right and inside of a tent there’s another chest.

  2. When running up to The Colloseum from the Scallop Shores entrance, there is a chest near a little camp off to the left.

  3. Along the far left outer lip of The Colloseum there is another chest.

6-14(ish). In the middle of The Colloseum on top of the hill there are a ton of chests.

Enchanted Forest
  1. There is a chest behind the waterfall near the underground village near a lake. Jump on top of one of the houses to reach it.

  2. Bluesteel Chest! In the underground spider maze there is a small hole in a pile of rocks, jump down in it, keep walking, then jump down into the water and you will see the chest. Contents: Scroll of Weapon Attack (70%)

  3. In the cliffside village thingie, there is a small part of the lake that goes out into a sort of partial river thingie. At the end of that there is a chest under water.

  4. Behind the waterfall at what I assume is going to be the entrance to the Mage’s city.

  5. If you climb up the mountain near the elf village there is a chest on top near a tree.

  6. On the same mountain as chest #5, if you go to the edge of the mountain that is facing the lake with chest #4 in it, there is another chest.

7&8. on the path to the gnome town there is a bush near a large bent tree root(?), if u jump in the bush and stick to the right side of the tunnel there is a cave with 2 chests in it

9&10. On the mountain with chest #3 and chest #5 there is a mage warp pad that leads to 2 more chests.

Spider Queen's Revenge
  1. As soon as you enter the lair if you climb the first pillar that is forward and left a little there is a chest in a cave on top.

  2. On top of the pillar that is second to the right when you enter the Spider Lair, in a cave to the right there is another chest.

  3. On top of the pillar that is directly in front of you when you enter the lair, in a cave to the left and there is another chest.

  4. On top of the same pillar in chest #3 there is another cave on top of the pillar to the right with a chest inside.

  5. When coming into the lair from Enchanted Forest there is another chest at the base of the second pillar on the right.

  6. **Bluesteel Chest!**There is a Bluesteel Chest up really high in a cave, but the only possible way I know of getting it is being flung by the queen’s attacks. Contents: 3 Spider Essences, 40 Spider legs, and some Silver Msuhcoins.

Tree of Life
  1. On top of the tree of life there is a chest.

Lel I still needa add the rest of these cuz I decided to grind my warrior instead of doing this last night.

Redwood Pass
  1. At the first bend in the path keep going straight and theres a chest at the base of a fallen down tree.

  2. If you follow the path, when you come to the first tunnel climb on top of it and there is a chest.

  3. Under the wooden bridge on the path there is another chest.

  4. Follow the path past the bridge until you see a yellowish tree and then turn left and go up the mountain a bit and there is another chest.

  5. As soon as you see the first white tree off to the right of it there is a large fallen tree with snow on top and a chest behind it.

  6. As you are following the path up the mountain past chest $5 you will see a tree that has fallen part-way across the path. In a niche between that tree and the one it is leaning on is another chest.

  7. As you reach the last segment of the path up the mountain, you will see a fallen tree hanging off the edge of the mountain, on the other side of this tree (which u can probably see if you’re looking) is another chest.

  8. Facing the entrance to the Warrior Stronghold, turn right and go to the edge of the cliff. If you look over to the right you will see one more chest down below. Jump down and walk over there to get it.

Warrior Stronghold
  1. As soon as you get onto the bridge turn left and there is a chest against the wall.

  2. When you go inside the main entrance to the stronghold there is a door you can go inside that leads to a chest.

  3. Once inside the walls of the fort turn left and go past the horses, follow the path until u see some stairs that go up and go past them to the stairs leading down. Under those stairs is another chest

  4. If you continue past the crane thing that’s near chests #3 at the end of the wall to the right is another chest.

  5. If you go up the stairs that you passed to get to chest #3 and then follow the wall to the right there is another chest on the roof.

  6. If you are on the bridge facing the stronghold you should be able to see a chest on another crane thing on top of the roof. If you climb up there somehow u can get it.

  7. If you jump down to the left of chest #6 theres another chest by a tree.

  8. Under water under the giant bridge there is another chest, however it is under the “ice” so you have to go off to the right of the bridge and walk on the water for a bit to get down there, and then walk back. (kinda not rlly worth it but if u want to you can.)

9&10. Jump off the opposite side of the bridge that chest #1 is on near where you first get on the bridge, you should see a random door down below. Enter the door and you are in the “Great Hall” as I like to call it of the Warrior Stronghold above everything. If you do some parkour on top of the flags on the pillars you can reach the two chests at the other side of the room.

11-15. Behind the mountain where you spawn allllll the way at the bottom of the weird, blocky, unfinished terrain.

Changelog: Corrected the name for Port Fidelio and added 2 chests. Added video guide for Port Fidelio.

Latest Edit: 5/31/19 @12:53 PM EST

V. 2.1.6

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There’s a chest in a tower in Mushtown that also gives 5 mana potions and 100 copper mushcoins.

Mushroom Forest Chest #3 has 5 Mana Potions. I don’t know how many Bronze it had.

Most Chests Had 100 Bronze In, Though The One In Mushroom Forest When You Bounce Off A Mushroom Onto The Pillar Had 300 Bronze.