Verifying My Account

How do I verify I just finished buying the game and i dont know where to type /verify in-game to

in the Vesteria game chat

I did it dosen’t seem to work

  1. Join this discord
  2. Go to #verify channel and type !verifyme in chat
  3. Check DMs and you should get a code from a bot. Copy that code.
  4. Join Vesteria and once you’re in the game. Say /verify in game.
  5. Enter code you received earlier by pasting using Ctrl + V
  6. You should gain access to the #vesterians channel in the Discord.

nvm lol

okay thanks!

No problem

k gonna delete this forum

You should keep it, in case someone else needs help verifying later on in the future. Your choice though.

I did all of this and it still never worked.

Im not sure what went wrong then. Following all those steps should have made it work…Try sending a message to one of the Devs. That’s really all I can tell you.