Verification Code Invalid?

So, I joined into Vesteria this morning to use my Verification code ans now it’s not working could anyone tell me why?

Try typing !verifyme again in the #verify channel on the discord. It should give you the same code as last time as you can only get one code. Make sure you are typing in the exact code. Copy and pasting it should guarantee that. If it still doesn’t work. Try messaging one of the Devs/Admins.

If you are unclear on the steps as to how to Verify, these should help:

Are we allowed to just… message developers? @TheOfficialSin

Uh I’m not sure but what else are you going to do if you’ve tried everything to fix the problem… I’m sure they’ll be glad to help out someone who’s supporting their game.


Happened to me aswell. I made a thread here