Valley of The Gods pvp content concept

The biome is a massive pine covered valley between two mountains. This valley is split into two sides by a deep ravine, with one side full of alive pines and large grass patches, and the other scattered with dead pines and consistent snow.

The map would possess three main locations of interest:
The first would be a large abandoned homestead with a fenced in yard near the entrance of the map at the beginning of the ravine. The perimeter of the fence would act in opposite function to that of pvp areas such as the colosseum, and disable PVP for those inside.
The second and third would be large fortresses facing each other across the ravine on the far side of the map. Both fortresses would possess hangout areas, defensive structures with functional gatehouses, and their own team restricted safe rooms for going AFK in. The fortress on the barren snowy side of the ravine would represent Terul and that of the more lively and vegetated side Vesra.

Teams in this map would be dependant on a players allegiance to one of the two gods. In other words, a Vesra follower would not be able to damage another Vesra follower, but would be able to kill a Terul follower. Those not pledged to either god (aka neutral) would have PVP enabled with Terul followers but not Vesra followers.

Players would be required to pray in front of a god’s statue for five minutes in order to pledge allegiance. This would make a players user tag either golden if Vesra or purple if Terul on both their character and name on the leaderboard.

What do you guys think? None of this is confirmed, it’s just an idea I’ve been wanting to do for a while that I wanted to share with the community.


I like it

So what I’m reading here

Terul clashes with neutral
Terul clashes with Vesra
Vesra only clashes with terul
Neutral only clashes with terul


Terul’s side is instantly and automatically at a disadvantage from what I see here, dropping solo’s into vesra and neutral paired duos

I love this concept. I’d definitely want to be on Terul’s team.

As far as I can tell, you have the option to choose either Vesra or Terul for which team you want to be on, so if you want a harder time go Terul, and if you want an easier time go Vesra.

Looks awesome.

We’ve been needing some new PVP content in a while, and this would be a pretty awesome way to do it.

It’d make more sense to just have 2 different factions that follow said gods though. I’d presume this is how it would be, but I’d love to have these “teams” hold more significance in the game world.

This sounds pretty neat, I wonder how it will be if it comes out.

Will PvE have a play too, or will the place be purely for PvP? You could incorporate the old concept of the Badlands into this place, like placing weapons that can only be used by Terul followers on the Vesra arena and vice versa, so players would have to fight both mobs and other players to acquire the loot.

Also, would there be two separate entrances for Vesra/Terul followers or would they just get teleported to their respective sides?

This sounds amazing but I think if they are neutral it should be a third party that can pvp all not just terul.

so basically terulians get bullied


Terulians would be big sad and no one would join terul cause its already unfair

Too freeform, to be honest.

Nothing is said about:

  • Level balancing
  • Incentives( A la Marks of Valor?)
  • Death Penalty
  • Chokepoints and other routes
  • Objectives(TDM? CTF? Point Capture?)
  • Balancing (Terul seems obviously disadvantaged)

Maybe make Neutrals able to attack both sides but have to attack first, meaning Vesra and Terul followers can only attack Neutrals in self-defence, cuz Neutrals have nothing on them.

i like this and it has a lot of potential rewards.

I think that this idea does have potential, but I personally dislike this idea because I think Guild Territories would be more fun than some “Pick your Team and Fight” Roblox game. This is because there is no motive, no reason to do this, just pure killing and no real way to justify it. Yes, I guess you can put like god fruit trees around so people would want to be together to fight/share, but you could kill 2 birds with one stone by alllowing this fun competition between players along with Guild territory by putting rare trees that only appear in those areas in Guild territory.

Vesra and Terul are also complex ideas that may be confusing to the new player, with Guilds being more common between games. You would have to somehow explain what a “Vesra” or a “Terul” is to new players, while Guilds are pretty self-explanatory.

Stand next to people that can’t attack you and just intimidate them.

Suddenly magic bomb/barrage/execute them :clown_face:

Neutral: I am gonna do what is called a pro gamer move.

I don’t really like this idea. We’ve already got enough PvP going on, and this is too reminicient of a game I used to play that went under due to loss of players.

I do like the idea of a religion system, where perhaps you can gain “divine gifts” (in the form of stat increases or damage output increases) for praying for longer. Make it so that you can’t “AFK pray” by requiring that a button be pressed every so often to continue it (somewhat like the computers in Flee the Facility, but not so hard). I can’t really accurately assess the state of things in game, so I’ll leave the numbers to you nice folks at the Vesteria Team.

I remember Berezaa teleported a bunch of people there. It was a flat plate. Big epic, seems ready for release.

In all seriousness, seems pretty cool.

Terul sounds like some PvP Junkies wanting to kill everything in their path.Neat

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