Using Skills During Death Animation

Probably a known bug but if you use a skill after dying, the animation for using it will play and the skill works, but you fall back onto the ground after the animation ends. This would be kind of broken in PvP because you could lose but then pitch a rock and manage to hit and kill your opponent with a lucky shot.

Thing Is The Rock Costed 20 Mana Meaning You’ll Rarely Die With Enough Mana To Cast It Unless You Are A Mage.

Yeah, but if you are a Hunter you can still use Shunpo and hurt your opponent using small bits of mana.

I’m Pretty Sure With The Case Of Shunpo Though, If You Die You Won’t Move. You’ll Just Do The Move In Place. This Means The Enemy Has To Be Directly On You When You Do It.

But in the Limited Public Testing, I shunpoed through someone and killed them while I was dead.

For Me, When I Died And Used Shunpo, I Would Stay In Place But Do The Animation. If Someone I Challenged Was Directly On Me, I Would Still Do It.
So It Seems To Work Differently For People. :confused:

Thanks, it’s been fixed.

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You are way more active today…

It’s near PA time, so he gotta make sure all dem bugs are fixed!