Using any Skill after using Blink does no damage

Whenever I use Blink, then use a skill, it doesn’t take any MP, nor does it do any damage. This also applies to Regeneration, the cooldown starts, but it doesn’t actually have the healing effect.

I’ve tested out this theory, turns out that’s not the case, damage just stops working for some reason with mages. I removed blink from the hotbar, and tested you theory, but I still ended up doing no damage.

I just tested it right now, that’s not what happened. After using a skill once after using Blink, it functions normally and consumes MP and deals damage.

No, what I mean is, even when I didn’t use blink, I still ended up doing no damage, though blink might be a cause, something else is causing it too.

blink is a cause as are all other skills but there is definitely something else causing it as seen here