Used Alpha Gift Bug

Just got to using my alpha gift on my slot 1 character and it was consumed but I didn’t recieve anything. I know part of this is on me for waiting so long to redeem it but it’s annoying that it just disappeared without giving me anything. I haven’t used an alpha gift on any of my other characters either.

Video of it right here:

EDIT: My bad, in the video I posted is of the problem which only happened on my slot 1 character and that was the one only alpha gift on my account.

My theory right now is it might have glitched canceled itself by me sprinting or doing some action while trying to open it. I also attempted to store the gift in the bank right before I opened it so that might also be what caused the bug. (When I tried it just asked if I wanted to delete it, I clicked no of course)

I also haven’t used my alpha gift on my first slot character either.

Was your inventory full? It could of gone to your storage.

I made sure to have at least 8 slots open in each of my inventory tabs before opening it, and my storage is also completely empty.

Not using my other gift on my slot 1 character because I don’t want to lose it.

You’re only supposed to have 1 alpha gift for all 3 slots, so if you have 1 alpha gift on 2 of your slots it may have negated the rewards of one of them

I remember him saying when the alpha gifts were going out that you were able to have 2 gifts. Regardless it’s still a bug that happened and I just want my rewards back.

there was a bug that gave players 2 or even 3 gifts on the day of release, and a few days later berezaa reset all gifts because of all the bugs caused and let everyone get ANOTHER gift, but if that was the case I don’t see why you wouldn’t have opened them at the time.

If you’ve still got an unopened gift which you’re reluctant to open, I highly doubt they’d give you a set of gift rewards.
I’d recommend recording yourself opening your final gift instead, and if it doesn’t give a reward then you can post the recording as proof that the gift is bugged

I’ll also take a video of my inventory on the one where I opened it and show my bank inventory as well since the empty gift is still on my hotbar.

Now that I am actually awake I realized that I only had the one alpha gift on my slot 1 character and that disappeared on use without giving anything. So basically the one I had and tried to use was the only one on my account, so I’m out of luck until the higher ups lend me a hand.

This is due to Berz Purging alpha gifts after people purchased them in bulk in the dev world. However convincing him to actually give you something back for it is another story… its hard enough to contact him and even harder for someone to get him to directly solve a problem.

I would try to ping him but I’m worried it would break some rule or something.

Goodluck getting his attention from a ping anyway

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Ain’t that the truth.

@berezaa Sorry to ping but I really need help and there’s nothing else I can do.

Ya know you have to keep in mind Bere doesn’t look at all pings, he does so selectively

its honestly not game changing, youll get a cursed scroll, tome, dye, soup, name tag and chicken pet or somin, it lowkey doesnt matter

ber wont waste his time solving an issue like that, especially with all the work he needs to do on the game right now

Eh, it still matters to me but it’s definitely not the most urgent matter in the world I don’t mind waiting.