Upgrading "Attempts" (My opinion)

In my OPINION I do not like how upgrading your weapon/armor system works. Like you can upgrade it up to +7 but you can only do it 7 TIMES. I never played a RPG game that has upgrading limits besides the max upgrade which is +7 in Vesteria. Lets say there is weapons that the boss drops(NOT SOLD IN SHOPS) in the game that has a low chance of getting it. You try to upgrade it with scrolls(10% scrolls in this case) and you failed 6/7 times so its gonna remain +1 FOREVER. I can see this being a very huge problem for people that grind 24/7 and become STRONG or they can make it a PAY TO WIN thing that will give back attempts or something, which one no likes at all… Lets say boss weapons/armor’s drops are 1/100, + 7x 10%'s + 7 ATTEMPTS= Yea your never gonna get it. The MAIN POINT is I just don’t like how its “Attempts” in this game limits your upgraded only 7 TIMES. Instead why not make the max upgrading limit +7 but can upgrade as many times as you want even if you failed you can still upgrade the item. Reaching +7 only using 10% scrolls is already RNG enough.

I am scared for the future with scrolls failing on insanely hard to get boss weapons bc that would cause tons more grinding to really get to the max lvl and stats.

Don’t think so. It would give an aspect of luck into the game.

Well yes but do we really want this whole grinding system to rely on luck I mean we already got lucky by getting the super hard to get boss drop I don’t think you should have infinite but you should be able to remove it for gold or something.

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But they also want to include skill I think
Luck and skill makes a good MMORPG

Yes it takes skill and effort to kill the boss and then luck to get the loot.

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I can agree, I think that yes this should be changed and is extremely annoying, but maybe just make the chances higher of working and make it like 14 attempts or something.

Or no attempts at all and just make it be able to spam as much as we want…

Intill it get to +7

Nah bro (DDDDD)

It’s effectively Maplestory scrolling items, the whole point is for it to be difficult to obtain a +7 weapon. That way you feel accomplished for getting a +7 weapon and you get the rewards of having a stronger weapon. RNG is god in mmorpgs. Praise to RNGesus.

Yea but what if you want to use 10%'s only to upgrade to +7 but you only have 7 TRIES

High risk, High reward. That’s the whole point of testing your luck out. If you want a good weapon that has a chance of reaching +7, you’re better off using 70% scrolls.

So your telling me you rather have ONLY 7 tries to upgrade a weapon? please tell me what MMORPG has that system. Please

None. It’s an original idea, which is good

No its not why do you think no MMORPG HAS IT LOL

Well, on RBLX

when I met berezaa and asked him about scrolls he said that “there will be scrolls that will be able to return failed upgrade attempts but they will be expensive”

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I Wonder How Expensive They Will Be.

No MMORPG has it? This scrolling system literally comes from Maplestory, go look it up a bit, it’s a fantastic MMORPG. RNG is god in mmorpgs, learn to respect and praise his name for good luck. I truly hope they don’t change a thing to this scrolling system because it’s absolutely fantastic.